Top 5 Reasons To Intern In Australia


There is no wrong choice when it comes to choosing where to gain some international work experience. You're guaranteed to learn new things, gain new perspectives, and make contacts around the globe. Some destinations, however, can offer easier transitions and a broader spectrum of intern possibilities. Australia is one of those places. So whether you're taken under the sea to the Great Barrier Reef by marine biology or pulled to the top floor of a skyscraper by business, Australia has it all.

Sydney Opera House, Australia

1. No Language Barrier

Coming from an American or Canadian perspective, there really isn't much of a barrier at all. Australia does have a substantial amount of slang but it is easily picked up during your stay. Before you know it, you will be heading to the 'Big Smoke' for a 'barby' and knowing exactly what that means.

Since interning abroad can be an intimidating prospect, going to a country where you already know the language can ease that intimidation and stress significantly. Especially if you will be working in a position that requires a lot of continuous written or verbal communication. Since everything is so new and different it is easily overwhelming (in a good way) so having one less thing to handle can ease the transition and let you get straight to work.

2. Modernity and Familiarity

All the technology and modern conveniences you may be used to at home are present in the land down under. Having the ability to turn to normal everyday devices can be a lifesaver in the early days of your stay. Plus, because Australia has many similarities to the U.S., Canada, and many Western countries, universities and organizations offer many modern and up-to-date programs in in-demand fields from technology to conservancy. This can make finding an internship opportunity related to your field of study or work much easier.

Bondi beach, Sydney, Australia

3. Cultural Diversity

Even though Australia may have many familiar aspects, it doesn't mean it lacks diversity. In fact, it's quite the opposite. The location makes it a crossroads in the South Pacific, with close proximity to countless Pacific islands, New Zealand, Indonesia, and much of Southeast Asia in general. The urban centers in Australia, such as Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney, are evidence of this. They are populated by people with a wide range of backgrounds, not to mention the indigenous people. Diverse people means diverse food so don't forget the assortment of cuisine from all over Oceania and Southeast Asia.

4. An Extensive History

The cultural diversity of Australia also includes those who have ancestry dating back tens of thousands of years. The Aboriginal population in Australia dates back 40,000 years. There were 500 to 600 different groups that spoke about 200 different languages. Evidence of these fascinating cultures are found throughout the country. Much like the history of the rest of the world, aboriginal history is filled with its highs and lows, but it remains an engrossing and ever evolving history that's worth discovering. One program that could help immerse you into this population is offered by the Institute of Global Studies at the Australia Aboriginal Youth Center in Brisbane. The center provides social, literacy, and recreational programs for the underprivileged population. Interns can work directly with the children in a variety of avenues while glimpsing the original heritage of Australia.

Sydney harbour, Australia

5. The Natural World

One of the biggest reasons people choose Australia as internship destination is the amazing diversity of Australia's landscape and the array of creatures that populate it. You'll never be too far from an interesting landmark regardless of where you're staying. With so many national parks and varied landscapes, it can become overwhelming just deciding where to go and what to see. From the deserts, to the forests, to the reefs, there's no telling what visitors will find; try a swim with dolphins one day and a trek through a barren desert the next.

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