Top 10 Unique Restaurants in Toronto

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Toronto is known for its nightlife and great dining. Whether you’re feeling romantic or adventurous, there’s sure to be a restaurant that will fulfill your needs. The top 10 unique restaurants in Toronto each offer an unforgettable experience and delicious food.

Dine in one of the tallest towers of the world while getting a 360-degree view of downtown Toronto only at 360 restaurant, CN Tower.
Dine in one of the tallest towers of the world while getting a 360-degree view of downtown Toronto only at 360 restaurant, CN Tower. Photo by Tiffany Harrison

1. O. Noir 

We take our senses for granted on a daily basis and having a meal at O. Noir illustrates this fact.  The concept, which was conceived by a blind pastor, aims to have the average person experience what it’s like to be blind. After ordering your meal, which you can choose or have chosen for you as a surprise, you are seated in a room of complete darkness, with not even a cell phone screen in sight (for they are confiscated at the entrance). Friendly servers, all of whom are blind, bring your meal to you and suddenly your other senses are heightened. The smell of the food will be strong in your nostrils and your fingers will be your best friend during this dining experience.  It is a fun challenge trying to get the food onto your utensils and into your mouth.  When you finally succeed and the tasty food touches your tongue, you can’t help but wonder what it must look like. The atmosphere forces you to communicate with those around you since you cannot see them at all. The menu consists of foods such as filet mignon, chicken and pasta but it is the truly unique experience that is worth the visit to O. Noir in downtown Toronto.

2. Medieval Times

At Medieval Times, you’ll feel as though you were transported back in time to the 11th century, where knights jousted and kings dominated the land. When you enter the castle, the staff, dressed in full costume greets you in old English. You dine like a king, enjoying a 4-course meal which includes roasted chicken, spare ribs or for vegetarians, 3-bean stew and hummus. Of course, you eat with your hands, in true medieval style.  During dinner, you will be thoroughly entertained by a talented cast of knights and well-trained stallions battling it out with real swords as the crowd cheers loudly for their favourite competitor. Medieval Times isn’t only for kids; adults are guaranteed to be entertained as well!

3. George 

George has made its name as one of Canada’s best restaurants, holding numerous honors and awards including The Economist’s “Best Toronto Restaurant” in 2008.  You will understand why once you enter the beautifully designed restaurant, which was once an old chocolate factory that has been transformed with antique French doors and chandeliers.  This multi-course restaurant is a dream come true for those who love exotic game meats since it features an ever-changing menu that has included wild boar, water buffalo, pheasant and venison.  If you are in Toronto, be sure to visit this gem for a meal you won’t regret.

4. The Sultan’s Tent 

This visually appealing restaurant recreates what it is like to dine in Morocco. The décor is luxurious and if you are with a group of people you are seated in an area with curtains, like a tent, hence the name of the restaurant.  The servers are very personable and the food is delicious. The menu includes exactly what one would expect from Middle Eastern cuisine: chicken marakesh, shawarma and hummus as well as Middle-Eastern variations of Western dishes. However, the main attraction is the entertainment which is a group of beautiful and talented belly dancers who perform every day of the week. They come into every section of the restaurant and will even dance with you if you get up to join them! It is a fun night out for someone of any age.

5. Rainforest Café

When you walk into Rainforest Café, you immediately feel a sense of adventure. It is unlike your average restaurant, being very theme-park like. Everywhere you look, there are moving robotic animals, trees and aquariums filled with colourful fish and reptiles. Every so often, you will be surprised by a simulated thunderstorm and the animals making realistic sounds.  The servers, dressed in safari outfits bring your food which is typical American food, presented creatively. A great way to end your meal is the sparkling volcano dessert, made of brownie cake and vanilla ice-cream topped with a sparkler.  Before you leave, be sure to check out the gift shop which has some very cool souvenirs for children.

6. 360 

Imagine having dinner high above a breathtaking skyline in the third tallest free-standing structure in the world, the CN Tower. You can at the 360 restaurant, which literally gives you a 360-degree view of downtown Toronto by slowly revolving while you dine on fantastic food.  The menu includes salmon, lamb chops, lobster, a large selection of wine and more. In addition to this high-end dining experience, you will receive complimentary admission to the CN Tower’s glass floor and lookout level; a great deal for a once in a lifetime experience!  

7. Korean Grill House

 If you’re a meat lover, this is the restaurant for you. Just place your order of lamb, pork, squid, or ribs among many more choices then cook it yourself! That’s right; you can cook it to your liking, with a grill all to yourself, adding whatever spices or condiments you wish. The Korean Grill House is great for those who like to experiment with food or have special dietary restrictions. Not only that, but you’re sure to socialize with your company and have a fun time. If this doesn’t sound like something you’d want to do, that’s fine! The restaurant also features a regular buffet and has a menu with food that’s already cooked to taste delicious. Need more convincing? The prices are also great!

8. House of Moments 

“Stunning” is one word that will immediately surface in your mind as you enter this unique restaurant. The décor is exquisite, with carved wooden doors and Buddha statues throughout. There is an adjoined art gallery with pieces from global artists.  The restaurant is spacious and on weekends, the back half becomes a lounge where you can dance to great music.  The Eastern-inspired food is mouthwateringly good with must-try items including short ribs and classic maki rolls.  The restaurant’s ambiance is peaceful and welcoming and this definitely makes it one of the best East Asian restaurants in Toronto. 

9. Rawlicious 

Rawlicious is an ideal restaurant for those that are vegan as well as those who want healthy, natural meal options. The restaurant has no meat, no dairy, no gluten and no refined sugar in any of their food so all that’s left is fresh, organic dishes. You may choose from several tasty smoothies, mock chicken sandwiches, pasta, nachos and more. As the food goes through your digestive system, every inch of your body will feel alive. It is an experience you must try. 

10. Keg Mansion

Have you ever fantasied about dining in a haunted mansion?  You can satisfy your ghost-hunting urges at the Keg Mansion on Jarvis Street in Toronto.  Built in 1868 by Arthur McMaster, this Gothic-styled mansion has had quite a history. In 1882, it was bought by Hart Massey and as the legend goes, a servant of the Massey family hung herself in the front foyer after the Massey’s only child passed away. The second floor women’s washroom is said to be haunted and guests of the restaurant have reportedly heard doors slam when no one was there. Even if you’re not a believer of the supernatural, the Keg Mansion is still a great choice for dining out. The delicious food includes the chain’s famous steaks in addition to bacon-wrapped scallops, lobster and escargot. If you are celebrating a special occasion, don’t be surprised if you receive extra-special treatment from the staff!