11 Incredible Places for Women to Find Internships Abroad in 2018

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Whenever there is talk of women and work, there will be talk of glass ceilings, long hours, work-life balance, sacrifices, you name it. In 2018, we should also be celebrating successes, entrepreneurs, businesses, companies, and ideas of women all over the world.

One thing I like to ask about when I meet other female colleagues is how they got to where they are. No one's path is the same. There are some professionals who will point to other women who brought them up and encouraged them to rise to their full potential. Does it sound sentimental? Maybe. But it's true. The key is that we are always learning from both each other, and from our experiences. We should be providing mentorship and opportunities for women to advance toward their professional goals.

Rose E., University of Ottawa at her art gallery internship in London
Rose E., University of Ottawa at her art gallery internship in London

What better way to provide mentorship than through an internship?

Global Experiences (GE) has placed over 6,000 students in 11 global cities. In January 2017, GE launched a Global Leader scholarship dedicated to active young professional women, co-sponsored by our partner STA Travel. CEO and co-founder Emily Merson noted, “Our company mission has always been to have a positive global impact through people to people experiences. This scholarship is just one way to empower young females to take control of their own career path and impact their professional goals and share their successes with others.” The successful candidate for this scholarship will have demonstrated leadership on campus or in their community, and be an active advocate for other young women. If you are ready to jumpstart your future with an international internship this summer, get started now.

Here are some of the amazing companies founded, owned, or managed by women who have hosted their fair share of interns. And good news: many of them are hiring for 2018 internships this summer!

1. Work in Communications & Public Relations for a Non Profit in Barcelona

A non-profit organization founded by a female, this NGO uses innovation to educate and raise awareness. This charity is focused on helping NGOs promote their cause and gain the appropriate funding needed to implement change. Their three main areas of development focus on conserving the environment, protecting animals, and non-profit projects benefiting people and communities. Interns need to have sociology background, have personal skills, and be able to do independent job with minor training. Spanish is a plus, but not mandatory.

Anna Grace R., University of Miami, at her marketing internship in NYC
Anna Grace R., University of Miami, at her marketing internship in NYC

2. Intern in Marketing with a Focus on Social Media & Internet Campaigns in Barcelona

Owned and operated by two sisters this organization focuses on one of our favorite things: food! They believe learning to cook local produce is not only fun, but it offers guests and tourists a deeper engagement with Catalan culture and the fantastic produce grown there. They cook with local products, giving support to other projects throughout Barcelona, and promoting health in traditional cooking techniques. Intern should be motivated, independent, able to contribute with ideas and work with a start-up company that does personal and life-changing experiences.

Find a Summer Internship in Barcelona now!

3. Get a Government & Policy Placement with a Female Politician in Dublin

This is an opportunity to work with a current political figure in Dublin and gain first hand government and political knowledge. After successfully managing her own business she took a role in Irish Parliament and serves on several committees. Candidates should expect to research and write up legal reports and letters; engage in door to door canvassing and learn right from the source.

Learn What Past Interns Have to Say About Internships in Dublin

Sarah H. of Sweet Briar College, at her business internship in London
Sarah H. of Sweet Briar College, at her business internship in London

4. Grab the Opportunity to Intern at an Interior Design Studio in London

This London-based design studio in operation for more than 25 years has a woman at the forefront. The team, which now includes two family members, oversees the day to day project management in their design portfolio. The studio has diverse expertise and a range of talents to manage any interior design project. For students looking to flex their skills in design, architecture, and other studio tasks, this studio will provide an experience that is second to none.

5. Work at an Exciting Healthcare Marketing & Consulting Business in London

This international healthcare business operated by a female managing director has a long list of clients within the UK and beyond. They offer a range of services in consulting, marketing, training, recruitment, and more! The intern will carry out all responsibilities outlined within the weekly projects meeting, along with any other duties as may be reasonably expected. Daily tasks might include writing daily updates on the marketing projects for the team, checking Google analytics for updates on marketing efforts, participating in sales training, reviewing website’s landing pages, and more.

Make London Your Summer Internship Destination

Brianna G., of SUNY - Geneseo, working with a charity organization in London
Brianna G., of SUNY - Geneseo, working with a charity organization in London

6. Become a Development Intern at a Music Conservatory in New York

With a female executive director, this nonprofit's mission is to promote individual, professional, and community growth through all genres of music. By subsidizing exemplary music instruction and concerts in their facilities and in the community, they make music accessible to people of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels. Interns assist in coordination of mailings, processing donations, maintaining all files, coordinating supporting materials, and attending events, openings, and more.

Don't Miss Your Chance to Intern in New York!

7. Find a Digital Media Marketing Internship in Stockholm

From a PhD based in biomedicine, the study of antioxidants led to the creation of this dynamic startup focused on healthy foods and healthy living. Work closely with this female scientist and her team to test new recipes and work with new products on the market. Interns would work closely with the founder, the social media, marketing and event manager as well as together the brand manager. Intern will be responsible for digital media, which gives you an opportunity to let your creativity and ideas flow freely.

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Erica C. from UW-Madison and Sophie N. from University of Notre Dame in Australia on the job in London
Erica C. from UW-Madison and Sophie N. from University of Notre Dame in Australia on the job in London

8. Support Foreign Aid for Children in Sydney

This Australian non-profit is operated by a female president, and is dedicated to assisting children in developing countries with severe health issues. A registered foreign aid agency, this company is mainly focused in Southeast Asia, they work together with major UN and governmental aid agencies to improve the quality of life of children living with chronic diseases. Intern tasks may include: writing proposals, assisting with fundraising strategies, engagement with Indigenous communities at home and abroad, preparing newsletters, and communicating with projects on location.

9. Intern in Holistic Wellness & Exercise Science in Sydney

At this wellness centre, led by a female clinical psychologist, their highest intention is to help their clients achieve health and lifelong wellness using a range of their holistic approaches including Chiropractic, Wellness Psychology, Life Coaching and Integrative Medicine. Interns will see how they might set up their own business and learn how to apply themselves in a clinical setting.

Become an Intern in Sydney, Australia This Summer

10. Intern With Multi-Service Law Firm in Washington, D.C.

Work with a family-law attorney with an all female staff who has recovered millions in just compensation for families who have been harmed by defective drugs and devastating negligence. They have leveraged trial experience, creative legal thinking and key resources to successfully litigate groundbreaking cases involving tough medical and legal issues. Interns will provide legal support to Partner and Associate Attorney in civil litigation, including immigration, personal injury, family law, and other civil cases.

Lydia T., Florence intern from Salisbury University on a weekend in Venice, Italy
Lydia T., Florence intern from Salisbury University on a weekend in Venice, Italy

11. Historical Research with an NGO in Washington, D.C.

A documentary editing project located on a D.C. campus focused on the lives of strong women. Collection, accession, transcription, and annotation of materials related to these women occurs in both hardcopy and on the website. The project reaches students, teachers, scholars, and policy makers. This placement is committed to offering interns a wide range of archival and editing experiences — including organization of documents, web development, and general office work.

Make Your Way to an Internship in D.C. for the Summer

Find internships & job opportunities for women—this is your year

Take your classroom experience to its limits and consider an international internship this summer. You’ll not only get the global perspective you’re looking for, but also the transferrable skills, intercultural competence, and international work experience that future employers want and need in their candidates.

Find an Internship Abroad Summer 2018!

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