7 Magical Places Where You Can Work and Study Abroad

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There are many elements of magic during an experience abroad. There’s the fairytale backdrop, the fairy godmothers you meet to help you along your way, the magic carpet of an airplane to transport you thousands of miles from home, and the Cinderella-like transformation that you experience throughout the journey. However, despite the glamour and ease you can’t wait to boast about in your Insta storybook, it’s natural that giving up your on-campus or summer job to study abroad brings up some hesitations for both your bank account and your resume.

7 Magical Places Where You Can Work and Study Abroad 

Luckily, the once elusive double rainbow combinations of study and work abroad programs are now becoming ever more common, as ambitious students like you are seeking creative ways to boost your skills and finances while living abroad (or find unique ways to study abroad for free—or at a lower cost to you). So can you work while studying abroad? Heck yes—in some places.

Working abroad is not only a way restock your treasure chest as you gallivant around your study abroad region, but also a way to gain valuable career experience that will stand out in future interviews (and might just even redirect the epilogue of your abroad adventure). Take a tour around the Epcot of work AND study abroad experiences with these seven magical places:

1. Germany

Heidelberg, Germany, view of red-roofed town and riverside
Ever dreamt of living right in a Disney movie? Well, dreams come true when you work and study abroad in Germany.

Did you know that Germany has some of the most beautiful fairytale castles in the world? It’s no wonder that Walt Disney got his inspiration for his iconic Disney World castle from Germany’s Neuschwanstein Castle. Beyond the picturesque backdrop of this work and study abroad destination, Germany has one of the strongest economies in Europe and is a magnet for international students and employees who are attracted to its dynamic and innovative economy. 

Program Spotlight:

The Congress-Bundestag-Youth Exchange Program (CBYX) is a prestigious opportunity for those interested to study and work in the fields of government or public policy. CBYX students will gain a first-hand look at the unique alliance between the US and German governments through an internship experience, accompanied by German language classes and courses in your field at German universities.

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2. Brazil

wide shot of Rio de Janeiro cityscape and shoreline
Work and study in Brazil and samba your way into a bright future.

Has the rhythm of samba bewitched your ear? Dance on down to Brazil and get swept up in the lively energy of their growing economy, diverse population, and developing regional and global presence. With a student visa, it’s possible to work as as an intern with a Brazilian company for up to 4 months independently or otherwise with a formal link between the company and your university.

Program Spotlight:

AIFS Brazil offers study and work abroad programs with internship placements at Brazilian companies and academic institutions—of course, your Portuguese must be up to snuff! You won’t need a wand to whip up the benefits of a AIFS when options for internships and Portuguese language immersion are overflowing in all corners of the country's financial capital, São Paulo.  

3. Spain

Camaleno, Spain, grassy valley with rocky mountain tops surrounding it in the warm sun
Brush up on your Spanish and polish off your resume working and studying in Spain.

Whether your idea of a love potion involves the perfect combination of flavors in sangria or paella, an experience to work and study in Spain is bound to make you swoon. Slowly coming out of the recession, the warmth of the Iberian Peninsula will immerse you in a professional and personal growth experience full of the perfect combination of mid-afternoon siestas and late-night tapas with your colleagues. 

Program Spotlight:

Created specifically for young, ambitious college princesses, PINC International’s 8-week internship program in Madrid is a dream come true. With two weeks of Spanish language courses, workshops, and immersion activities, 6 weeks of a custom internship placement in Madrid, and an included weekend trip to Barcelona, it’s time to wake up Sleeping Beauty to this language, culture, and career opportunity!

4. Australia

Finders street railway station, Melbourne, Australia, in the morning light
Work a little professional magic down under.

Study and work in Australia! While it might feel like an act of magic to make it halfway around the world and down under, once you get to Australia, make it count by both working and studying abroad. Just like the Australians themselves, the government is friendly to international entrepreneurs with a work and holiday visa program, as well as the ability to work on a student visa up to 40 hours every two weeks! 

Program Spotlight:

Australia’s creative design and technology industry is skyrocketing like a supernatural beanstalk, so get in on the action with a startup internship with Sage Corps in Melbourne. Plus, as a UNESCO recognized City of Literature, there’ll be no shortage of material to start drafting your own fairytale as you take on the Melbourne tech scene.

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5. China 

Putuo Mountain, Ningbo, China, light across ornate roof in the mist
Your resume will have an extra dash of magic after working and studying in China.

Although travelers for centuries saw China as a mystical, faraway land, Chinese culture, language, and business is now going mainstream as it intersects with Western companies and countries at every turn. Don’t miss the opportunity to gain the competitive edge with study and work abroad programs in China to standout as the most beautiful belle or prince at the ball (or conference room).

Program Spotlight:

China Internship Placements is a leader in providing customized internship placements and intensive language study to students and recent graduates who are drawn to the magnetic power of this emerging global superpower. With connections in all industries and major cities, CIP will have your carriage awaiting you in no time to whisk you off on a transformative global adventure. 

6. South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa, Table Mountain over the morning mist
Impress every future interviewer with work experience in South Africa.

As a Southern portal to enchanting Africa, South Africa provides the setting for an eye-opening and unforgettable work and study abroad experience. Grab your broomstick and get ready to make your flight plans because a student visa permits 20 hours of part-time work or practical training in your field of study. It doesn’t take a prophecy to see all the directions for adventure around the country and extending with travels into the continent beyond.

Program Spotlight:

Specializing in placements in the cosmopolitan, cultural capital of the country, Cape Town, VA Corps is a program for busy sorcerers who can manage work, study, and exploration without a time turner. Get ready for excursions, Xhosa language classes, and insight into the expanding international business and tourism industry of South Africa. 

7. United Kingdom

Glenfinnan Viaduct, United Kingdom
You probably won’t be studying at Hogwarts, but that doesn’t make working and studying in the U.K. any less magical. 

Home of the Lochness Monster and Harry Potter himself, the United Kingdom and its historic landscape of universities has been emanating magic for centuries. The Great British Pound (GBP) might be powerful, but with a 20-hour part-time job and a little guidance from Merlin the Wizard, you’ll pull the sword from the stone and conquer your work and study program in England, Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland.

Program Spotlight:

Calling all engineers of spells, potions, or otherwise! Montbatten Institute's graduate internships in London is for those crafty, business-minded academics who have just finished their undergraduate studies and are looking to launch their careers in the United Kingdom. There’s nothing more miraculous than teleporting your skills to a position in this highly competitive field just months after graduation. Companies you could work for include: Barclays, Blackrock, Credit Suisse, Citi, HSBC, Liquidnet, Thomson Reuters, among others—all while earning a business-related graduate qualification, like an MBA.

Work and study abroad programs are out there!

Ready to start your quest for the perfect work and study abroad program? Head to MyGoAbroad to create an account and compare the programs that have you under a spell. Before saying “I do” to the Prince Charming program of your choice, don’t forget to read the program reviews and request to get in touch with past program alumni. Soon you’ll be flying off into the sunset with plenty of magic in your future of learning from a work experience and study opportunities abroad.

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