10 Uniquely Amazing Singapore Attractions


Singapore City is a unique place so naturally there are tons of unique things to do. When over 5 millions people from distinct backgrounds all live together on one tiny island the result is an overflowing pot unlike any other. Just stepping out the front door will present exotic experiences. Start off with this list of Singapore City attractions to add to your internship in Singapore.

Merlion and the Singapore City Skyline
The famous Merlion and the Singapore City Skyline. Photo Courtesy of Ian Delgado

1. World's Largest Observation Wheel

The Singapore Flyer is the tallest ferris wheel in the world. It takes riders about 30 minutes to complete one rotation around the 541 foot tall structure. It was opened in 2008 and features 28 air conditioned capsules.

2. Singapore River Cruise

The cruise can actually be taken by boat through the waterway or by foot along a lovely walkway if you're not the water type. It is popular at both day and night and offers a great encompassing skyline view of the city.

3. Ethnic Quarters

Over 200 years ago, in the days of British Colonial rule, Singapore City was a very different place. The diversity that is now worn with pride and attracts thousands of visitors was not alway so popular. A policy of ethnic segregation was strictly enforced and resulted in five distinct districts that still thrive today. The result allows students to feel as if they have taken a mini Asian tour and experience each of Singapore City's cultural ingredients as they stand alone.

Wander the streets of Little India that are filled with Jasmine, brass jewelry and colorful saris. Geylang Serai is home to the Malay culture and visitors are welcomed by a variety of spices and textiles. Chinatown offers hands on activities. Experience kite making, try on colorful masks and have your fortune read all before lunch. Kampong Glam was home to the Malay royalty and the palace is now a museum. The Peranakan Experience was home to the very early Chinese descendants and is a rich mix of Malay and Chinese culture.

Little India, Singapore

Little India, Singapore

4. National Orchid Garden

This collection of over 60,000 orchids has been carefully constructed on the highest hill of the Singapore Botanic Gardens and is the result of an orchid breeding program that started nearly a century ago. The flowers are arranged by their colors to create what is known as the seasons of the gardens. The tropical climate allows visitors to enjoy the flowers year round.

5. Sultan Mosque/Masjid Sultan

This jaw dropping structure was built in 1824 by the first sultan of Singapore and is the largest mosque in the city. Located in the Kampong Glam district, its impressive golden dome and bright red detailing is hard to miss. Plus, it is open daily and admission is free.

6. Kusu Island (And Many More)

The city is comprised of 63 islands and many hold interesting sites and history that make them unique. For example, Kusu Island which is known for its astounding views and lagoons, is believed to be inhabited because of a turtle's good deed. Local legend tells of a giant turtle that saved the lives of a Chinese and Malay fisherman who then lived the rest of their days on the island and built a shrine to thank the creature. Today the island is decorated with dozens of turtle sculptures both large and small.

7. Gardens By The Bay

This 101 hectare garden looks like a page from a whimsical Dr. Seuss book come to life. With more than 250 thousand rare plants, the garden has won multiple world awards. Don't miss the super trees which are 16 story tall vertical gardens that provide solar power, water and ventilation. There is even a bridge between two of them so visitors can enjoy 360 degree views.

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

Gardens by the Bay

8. Singapore City Food Festival

There are so many things to try and festivals within this festival that attendees may get lost in the piles of delicious dishes. The annual event showcases all the unique flavors of Singapore including Chinese, Malay, Indian and Peranakan dishes.

9. Sentosa 4D Magix

This is the first theatre of its kind in Southeast Asia. The interactive attraction allows people to participate in treasure hunts and pirate adventures. Or choose to try your hand at outsmarting death traps or surveying through the dark depth of caves.

10. Rooftop Hangouts

While many cities offer rooftop bars and clubs, Singapore City takes the idea to a new level ... literally. Since so many people live on such a small island the energy level and fun sites travel up, up, up to the tip tops of skyscrapers. Spend a night at Altitude, the highest al fresco bar in the world and sip your drink while taking in the city at over 925 feet above sea level.

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