Rock Your Resume: 10 Awesome International Internships

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It’s never too early to start planning ahead for your career. Even if you are still studying, you should consider signing up for awesome international internships to get a competitive edge in the most fun way possible. Over your next spring or summer break, take your resume from drab to fab while exploring some incredible destinations (and making your friends back home suuuper jealous). For some genuine real-life and career-building experience, check out these 10 global internships. 

Rock Your Resume: 10 Awesome International Internships

International Internships for College Students

1. Gender Equity Internship in Nicaragua

Interested in combining your passion for women’s rights with supporting local communities in Nicaragua? Then this internship placement from the Foundation for Sustainable Development will be right up your alley! International internships with this organization aim to empower women and change communities.

2. Marketing & Communications in Barcelona

When you’re not out exploring all that Barcelona has to offer, this opportunity to intern abroad with Connect-123 will help transform your marketing and communication skills into the kind that will help land you that full-time job you’ve got your eye on. Plus, you get to add Spanish language skills to your resume!

Girl holds world globe
Where in the world will you end up?

3. Engineering Internship in China

Whether you have an interest in automotive, chemical, or mechanical engineering, this internship with Go Abroad China will help you to find the perfect placement. As China is also one of the world’s hubs for manufacturing, you’ll have the chance to gain plenty of hands-on experience and meaningful insight. Not to mention, they also offer a range of internships in other fields too!

4. Web Design Internship in Melbourne

If you have a background in web design (or are looking to enhance your skills) Melbourne is the place to be for your global internships in Australia. From the variety of street art to the diversity of culture found here, you’ll suffer no lack of inspiration in this placement from The Intern Group

5. Medical & Dental Internship in Kathmandu

There’s no better way to gain relevant fieldwork experience (which anyone pursuing a degree or job in the medical industry will need!) than by diving right into an international internship. This internship placement from ELI Abroad is ideal for pre-med, pre-dental, nursing, and medical students, and is a great opportunity to assist and learn firsthand about basic health care in developing countries.

Monkey overlooks Kathmandu, Nepal
This little guy know that Kathmandu is an awesome place to intern abroad.

6. Museum & Art Gallery Internship in Milan

If you’ve been craving a chance to call Milan home, this internship program from Global Experiences is an incredible way to pursue your interest in art in this historic Italian city. Take part in intensive Italian language training, which makes any resume bellissimo.

7. Social Development Internship in Belize

From tropical forests, to majestic mountains and ancient Mayan temples, Belize is a traveler’s paradise in more ways than one. The program options from Toucan Education Programs focused on social development will allow you to play a part in strengthening a community’s education, health, or conservation, just to name a few.

8. Film Internship in Mumbai

Be immersed in a culture completely different from your own with a film internship from World Internships in India! As the home to Bollywood, a historic and large part of the Indian film industry, there are no lack of opportunities waiting for you in Mumbai. 

Student looks at a view of Prague at sunset
An international internship will give you a whole new view of the world

9. Vegan Bakery Internship in Israel

Get to know the ins and outs of what it takes to run a small vegan bakery! You won't only learn amazing vegan recipes from bakery's insightful, passionate owner (and head chef!), you will gain skills that will benefit your future as a baker, chef, or just a cook in your own kitchen. GoEco gives interns the chance to see what vegan-friendly foods are really all about.

10. Marine Conservation NGO Internship in Cambodia

Dive into the waters of Cambodia’s marine conservation efforts with this placement from Frontier. If you’re looking to learn more about global conservation efforts, internships abroad are a good way to go about it. This program is the perfect opportunity to discover some of Cambodia’s diverse marine life, while learning how to better protect the environments our oceans support.

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Choose a direction - for your travel and your career

These 10 awesome international internships are just a small sample of what’s out there. If you are still not satisfied, don’t worry; there are international internships to suit every possible major and interest. Find your niche and away you go to intern placements, career opportunities, and beyond!

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