Top 4 Reasons to Study in Germany

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Why study abroad in high school? Four years. Often four years in the same building. Same classmates, same teachers. Same school-lunch menu for four years: it's high school. Though some let these four years be the best of their lives, others take advantage of new opportunities, exploring newfound passions, and academically prepare themselves for the rigor that may lie ahead in college.

Dresden Frauenkirche Church Germany

Studying abroad in high school is a great way to break up the monotony of life as a high school student, while propelling oneself into the vast and diverse world we live in. No class, film, or research project will ever allow one to understand what life abroad is like. So forget about what might be missed and start thinking about what will be gained!

Put That Knowledge To Use!

Since that first history class, high school students have been learning about the history of the world. Though many students find the subject irrelevant and insignificant, as commonly said, history must be learned to not repeat itself. There is no better way to comprehend German history than to visit the country itself. Didactic meets non-didactic studies where thousands of years of history can be studied, dating back to the Roman Empire. Nothing compares to taking classroom lessons and knowledge into the "real world."

Taking German? Take that knowledge with you! Time in Germany will immensely enhance former German language studies. Navigating the country is quite easy in English but speaking the local dialect will improve the experience holistically. To become fully immersed in the country one must attempt to pick up some of the language.

Take a Break. . .

Eluded earlier, plain and simple, high school can be monotonous. Stepping outside of comfort zones is most certainly not. Spend a weekend exploring Berlin, experience the Heidelberg Castle, or shop in Munich. Where modern meets mystery, Germany has something to offer every high school student.

Heidelberg Castle Neckar Germany 

Challenge Yourself

Independently moving out for the first time can be a challenge. Most high school study abroad programs pair students with local host families making the transition away from home much easier. German host families have long had a positive reputation for warm hospitality fostering a successful stay for foreign students. Find a new sense of self confidence, steer clear of the easy, often-travelled path, and welcome new opportunities in Deutschland.

Stand Out When Applying to College or University

College and university entrance is more competitive today than ever before. It's more than just obtaining a high GPA or SAT score. Studying abroad in high school makes a statement to admissions committees about an individual. Schools look for prospective students that will enhance their student body, students that have unique experiences to share. Don't worry, life at home tends not to change drastically and it will be as if a beat was never skipped upon your return. 

Take life to new heights! See what study abroad programs in Germany have to offer.