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My child wants to study abroad…*gulp*

Have they picked a program? What are their first steps? Most importantly, how can you help? Your goal as a parent should be to provide a framework for your child to choose an overseas program. Whether your kid falls on the spectrum of “GOTTA DO THIS ONE” or “I’m overwhelmed with choices” doesn’t matter, provided you are quick to offer support.

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Parents of students studying abroad...listen up!

Being the parents of students studying abroad for the first time is overwhelming and no one knows that better than we do. GoAbroad gets phone calls regularly from concerned, caring parents like you—parents who share “My child wants to study abroad. Help?” That’s why we scoured our expert articles directory to come up with a comprehensive resource of tips for parents so you can help your child make the most of their time abroad (and put those nerves to rest!). 

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You’re not like other moms...

Here’s how you go about sending your child to study abroad

The list of questions to ask before your teen prepares to go abroad just gets longer and longer the more you think about it. But, we’ve already thought about it. In fact, at GoAbroad we’ve thought about it for 20+ years in the field, and we’ve learned a thing or two in all that time. Enter: this Ebook. 

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Sending your child to study abroad will be worth it—if only for the occasional photo update. 📸

Check out these pro-tips for parents of young adults & teen travelers

This Ebook is chock-full of awesome advice for parents of students studying abroad: 

  • Top Reasons Your Children Should Study Abroad
  • A Parents Guide to Choosing a Study Abroad Program
  • Travel Safety Tips You Haven’t Heard About Your Child Going Abroad (But Need To)
  • Your Child Is Overseas, Now What?
  • What Your Child Wants You To Know About Reverse Culture Shock
  • 10 Pieces of Advice for Parents of Travel Bound Teens

Whether you need a little help justifying sending your child to study abroad or you’re not quite sure where to start looking for teen travel programs, we’ve got you covered! As part of GoAbroad’s mission to provide the best and most comprehensive resources for meaningful travelers, our writers share their best tips for parents of teen travelers every step of the way— from choosing a program to helping your teen survive reverse culture shock. 

Be the most supportive parents of students studying abroad...Ever

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Your kids will have you to thank for this life-changing experience.

While it can be nerve-wracking to let your child go, helping them through their journey will be beneficial to you both. Let’s not downplay the benefits of sending your child to study abroad. Not only will you get some much-deserved peace and quiet around the house, but you’re giving your child space to learn, grow, and become a global citizen. That’s what we in the ‘biz like to call a win-win. 

Everyone deserves the opportunity to travel, and GoAbroad is dedicated to providing everyone with the tools, knowledge, and confidence they need to do so. 

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