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As the GoAbroad team works together across the globe to understand the recent and rapid developments regarding immigration in the United States of America, we are aware of the concerns President Trump’s immigration ban might cause our community of travelers and international educators. Our hearts are especially with international students and faculty at American higher education institutions who might feel particularly vulnerable at this time, as well as our friends and family who are green card holders and long-term residents of the United States.

To help address your concerns, we've pulled together the top resources for learning about and responding to the recent immigration changes in the United States.

GoAbroad shares the United States' long-time value of openness toward visitors.

This has long been a hallmark of our country, particularly in international higher education institutions that attract the best students and scholars from around the world. The world's reaction to President Trump's Immigration Ban solidifies that hundreds of people share our mission to promote cross-cultural understanding and introduce more people to enriching, creatively-stimulating environments.

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We are dedicated to promoting equality for all. We are committed to inclusive environments, and remain very supportive of all individuals traveling abroad, be them American or otherwise.

We are proud to work in a field that is not afraid to take a stand for equality. And, we gladly joined millions in Washington just days ago to show our support for women, which led us to establish a partnership with the Fund for Education Abroad to distribute scholarships to young women participating in meaningful international programs.

We are continuously motivated by the incredible work of our colleagues, and we applaud the actions of the international community for continuing to support refugees, immigrants, and those confusingly denied entry into their home.

Here are a couple initiatives that were launched in support of those affected by the recent immigration ban:

We are also inspired by David Comp’s running list of colleges and universities responding to President Trump’s Executive Order, and by Esther Brimmer, Executive Director and CEO of NAFSA, who stated:

To the students, scholars, doctors, refugees, family members and others who wonder if the United States has lost its commitment to its core values as a nation of freedom, opportunity and welcome, let me unequivocally state that American citizens will not tolerate policies such as these that undermine our values and endanger our safety. We understand that America is part of the global community, and we will raise our voices with Congress, with the White House, with the media and in our communities to continue to adhere to the principles that have always made us strongest.”

GoAbroad’s mission is inextricably bound with the rest of the world and deeply-rooted in a belief in the ever-increasing value of international experience. Our goal is to provide relevant and up-to-date information to those with travel plans, student exchange plans, or who share the classroom with international students and faculty that might be impacted by the decisions that are continuing to unfold. Stay tuned.

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