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Lisette Miranda of Pink International
Young, LatinX, strong, proud, and traveled. Photo from PINC International.

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Only 8.8 percent of U.S. students studying abroad are Hispanic or LatinX (compared to nearly 73 percent of white students) while 15.2 percent of international students in the U.S. are from Mexico, Central America, and South America (according to IIE). Here at GoAbroad, one of our priorities is to provide resources to encourage more Latino travel — as well as make sure we do all that we can to make studying in the U.S. more accessible for international students. This Latino travel guide is part of GoAbroad’s push for just that: more inclusivity in travel and international education for our Latino friends, neighbors, and future leaders.

Accessibility is an issue for most students who want to study, intern, teach, or volunteer abroad, but don’t have the resources to do so. Beyond just financial resources, if students can’t see themselves in the stories, articles, and blog posts written by alumni, going abroad won’t seem like a viable option. In a field centered around diversity and cultural exchange, this is a shame. Our writers are contributing their personal stories and travel expertise in order to change that and offer more personalized inspiration for Latino travel. 

From realizations like this:

I have a mixed look and no one can really pin point to where I am from, especially if I’m just nodding and smiling. This makes it easier when panhandlers want to sell you something and try every language they know to grab your attention or have you respond…I can just smile and walk on without hesitation leaving them perplexed.  - Johanna Belsuzarri

To stories like this:

Have you ever wondered how many Spanish-speaking people are out of their hometowns? We are very lucky. Spanish is the third language spoken in the world, just behind Mandarin and English. No wonder you hear Spanish spoken in the strangest places. Maybe, as a Hispanic or Latino person, you are afraid of traveling because of language barriers. Trust me: you should not worry about that. You will always find people willing to help you. - Paloma DelaFuente 

And beyond...

More and more, studying, interning, working, and teaching abroad is becoming somewhat of a standard endeavor of college students and recent graduates; this guide was created to help ensure that Latinx students and travelers have all the resources they need to participate in these experiences safely, happily, and successfully. Everyone deserves the opportunity to travel, and GoAbroad is dedicated to providing every student with the tools, knowledge, and confidence they need to do so.

This is an open book (pun intended). It will continue to grow as we share more stories and add more voices to support Latino travel.

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