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International travel is all about experiencing a new culture and learning unique perspectives, but the dominant narrative in travel and international education is very much middle to upper middle class and white. With our free downloadable ebook, “Meaningful Travel Tips and Tales: Asian Travelers’ Perspectives,” we are continuing our push for more inclusivity in travel and international education. We want to promote discussions to make meaningful travel experiences more accessible to students and travelers of all identities and backgrounds.

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Accessibility is an issue for most Asian students who want to study, intern, teach, or volunteer abroad, but don’t have the resources to do so. Beyond the obvious potential financial hurdles, if students can’t see themselves in the stories, articles, and blog posts, often written by alumni, going abroad won’t seem like a viable option. In a field centered around diversity and cultural exchange, this is a shame.

And so, our GoAbroad Diversity Squad came to be— a group of contributors dedicated to sharing their personal stories and travel expertise in order to make meaningful travel accessible to more people. In this Ebook about Asian travelers’ perspectives– for both Asian-American travel and travelers coming from Asian countries– our writers share their travel tips and tricks that are specifically for Asian travelers, including all the highs and lows. From teachable moments about their culture in the ESL classroom to everything you might need to know studying abroad in the U.S., this eBook runs the gambit of need-to-know information for all Asian travelers.

From tips like this:

“Give people the benefit of the doubt. Most ask or make comments about your skin or your hair or your eyes out of curiosity, a curiosity that is often driven by the internationally popular and quite outdated American media that portrays Asians as a token character and reinforces the idea that all Americans are blonde-haired and blue-eyed.”

  • Teresa Purugganan, 4 Tips for Facing Prejudice Abroad as an Asian Traveler
Meaningful Travel Tips and Tales: Asian Travelers Perspectives Ebook

To tales like this:

“‘Always Think It’s Your Birthday,’ was the quote on the cover of a birthday card that one of my students made. As an ESL teacher, I feel good when my students say or write things with no mistakes, but somehow I feel even better when they say or write things that I wish I thought of myself. I asked her what she meant by the phrase and she just said, ‘What? Because everyone is happy on their birthday!’”

  • Christine O’dea, Changing Hearts and Minds: Breaking Stereotypes While Teaching Abroad in South Korea

And more…

For young Asian college students, travelers, ESL teachers, interns, volunteers, for every single Asian traveler, this ebook is for you. Everyone deserves the opportunity to travel, and GoAbroad is dedicated to providing all Asian or Asian-American students, and every student for that matter, with the tools, knowledge, and confidence they need to do so.

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Note: This is an open book (pun intended). It will continue to grow as we share more stories and add more voices. If you’re an Asian traveler interested in contributing to this ebook, you can email editor Erin Oppenheim at:

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