Switching Careers? How Getting an MBA Abroad Can Help

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Solve That “Mid-Career Crisis” with an MBA Abroad

We’ve all seen those articles about how this artist became a mega entrepreneur or how that accountant built a fashion empire. If you’re anything like us, you read these pieces and shake your head, wondering how did they do it? How do you just become something else when you’ve spent your life pursuing a totally different path?

Maybe you’ve reached a wall in your career development, or perhaps you just don’t like doing what you thought you would. Regardless of what brought you to this point, you’re here because you recognize it’s time to make a career change. Bravo! But...how do you actually make that change if you don’t have much experience or knowledge in what you want to pursue?

Good thing there’s a master’s degree out there intended for people like you: Master’s of Business Administration. While this degree can help you solve even the toughest of career challenges, why stop at just getting an MBA when you can leap even farther forward by getting an MBA abroad?

Switching Careers? How Getting Your MBA Abroad Can Help

Why an MBA?

Business is everything. It is the foundation of everything we do and interact with, and the basis of how every society operates. You might love the idea of running a nonprofit just to help people, or want to open up a chain of yoga studios to spread the namaste message, but you have to take the romance out of your dream and realize that at the end of the day, everything is a business. In order for your ideas to become successful, you have to understand the fundamentals of finance, marketing, economics, and business development. 

Unfortunately, most of us realize this the hard way. No high school senior with a passion for painting wants to listen to their parents when they tell them they should major in business administration instead of art. To most of us youngins’, business just sounds so boring. But, when you get out into the real world and realize how much you can combine it with something like art, suddenly studying business makes sense, and you’ll regret not knowing more about it. From graphic design and branding to multimedia content creation to photo and video marketing, all facets of art can be applied to business, and most companies offer big jobs for people with these types of finely-crafted skills in conjunction with a business background.

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This is just one example...the same thing applies for basically any “alternative” career path. Think an English major can only be a starving novelist? Well, who do you think writes all of the catchy advertisements and big-business slogans you instantly recognize? Professional writers. Or how about that catchy jingle that’s been stuck in your head all day? Musicians. Or how the advertisement was even made to begin with? Videographers and post-production geniuses. The examples are endless, but you know what the common denominator in all of these people’s success is? Understanding business. The best way to get into it once you’re already in the working world is by simply getting an MBA.

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No more mid-career work-block blues. Get an MBA abroad and start a new chapter in your life!

Why Get an MBA Abroad?

Business is business, and the more you can learn about the global economy, world history, politics, and communicating across language and cultural barriers, the better. So, why not get an MBA abroad?

On top of that, the best way to figure out what you want in life is to immerse yourself in a completely borderless world. For the same reasons high school and college students study abroad to figure out what they want to pursue, adults should study abroad, too. Just because you’re over 23 and “adulting” now doesn’t mean that you have to have it all together...in fact, most adults don’t have it together. We’re all just pretending until it clicks into place! Why not embrace that “unknown” and move somewhere that will open your mind to all of the possibilities?

What Can an MBA Abroad Do for Your Career?

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Meet and connect with new and interesting people abroad and let the business brainstorming begin!

Imagine you were a recruiter or hiring manager and you had a stack of resumes to flip through for one position. Every other person in the dreaded resume pile has the same ten years of experience managing the same corporate BS. Candidates blur together after you see constantly identical resumes and cover letters drowning with hyperbolic language. This is the reality of the business job market, and you have to do something to stand out from all the other suits

While the iconic Elle Woods took to printing her resume on pink paper and scenting it to “give it a little something extra,” we realize this doesn’t usually work in the real world (but by all means, try it and let us know how it goes!). Getting an MBA abroad might just be the unique spin that pushes your application into the “interview” pile instead of the recycling bin. An international degree could be the key to you getting a good job.

Not only can getting an MBA abroad help your chances of getting a job offer, but it can open your mind to ideas and paths you might not otherwise have thought of, and potentially put you on an entirely different and unique route. These are things you just can’t put on a resume. Why waste your days away in a stuffy office crunching numbers when you could do the same activity in a much cooler (and maybe more beneficial) way? Beyond the extra job satisfaction that comes with this territory, you might find a way to help the people around you or future generations better by pursuing something different. Who knows?

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Recommended MBA Abroad Programs

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Not all about numbers, projections, spreadsheets, and charts? Don’t worry. You will be! 

1. Universidad Catolica de Murdcia

Located in southwestern Spain, this university offers one-year MBA abroad programs that include several types of work and leadership experience for under $9,000. #Affordable With a class size of 25 and immersion in the Spanish language and culture, this program is sure to boost your career and give you solid experience in international communications, which is always a plus in the business world. In addition to their highly-ranked MBA program, UCAM also offers other types of master’s degrees in business, including innovation and tourism marketing, hospitality management, and sports management. 

2. Peking University HSBC Business School

We all know that China is taking over the business world, and knowing a thing or two about the Chinese economy and business landscape is never a bad thing. For those looking more into the Asian market, check out the MBA abroad program at Peking University. Located in Shenzhen, this two-year program is taught in English and is very highly-regarded both in and out of China. On top of studying here because of the prestigious program and all of its benefits, the PHBS has created a scholarship fund that offers half and full-tuition scholarships exclusively to international students. The only thing better than getting your MBA abroad is getting your MBA abroad fo’ free

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3. Queen Mary University of London

Outside of New York City, London is basically the center of the universe. A huge business and finance capital for Europeans and international commerce alike, this region offers a lot of benefits to business students. One of the top-rated MBA programs is through the Queen Mary, one of the University of London’s largest colleges, who actually offers several types of business master’s degrees outside of the standard MBA. All programs are one to two years long and the options include international business, human resources management, financial management, marketing, and international business and politics.

4. Universidad de Belgrano

Provided by Mente Argentina, this International MBA program in Buenos Aires is one year long and located at one of the best universities in the region. On top of the excellent academics, the program comes with full access to Mente Argentina’s tours and activities (including a tango class!), and the program fee of under $10k even includes your accommodations. Seriously, can’t beat that deal. Strengthen your Spanish skills, obtain an MBA, and learn to tango without breaking the bank! There are plenty of reasons to get a master’s degree in Argentina.

One Final Tip on MBA Abroad Programs

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Connect the dots between what you want to do, what you can do, and what you should do.

We know that making a change is scary, but what’s scarier is wasting your life away in a job you hate, trapped in a 5x5 cubicle and surrounded by people who make you miserable. Don’t worry about the critics, they’ll all be jealous when your MBA is said and done (here’s how to announce you’re getting your master's degree abroad).

If you’re thinking about switching careers at all, getting an MBA abroad can open up all kinds of doors and potentially lead you to a new career you never thought possible. Not to mention, too, becoming fluent in a new language during your time abroad and learning about new cultures and ways of life is a huge plus. These things can only help you in your professional endeavors, and definitely put you in the running for coolest kid around the (future) office! 

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