[VIDEO] The Most Adventurous & Unique Ways to Travel This Year

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The usual leisurely stroll down a cobble-stoned street isn’t quite what you’re looking for. Everyone loves a nice museum every once in awhile to restore your resting heart-rate, but you’d much rather keep your blood pumping, heart racing, ears ringing, and sweat dripping. You’re all about conquering fears and getting as far out of your comfort zone as you can. You’re an adventure traveler wanting more unique ways to travel and experience the outdoors abroad. Whether it’s climbing the next mountain top or catching the next wave, your pursuit of the adventurous never ends. 

Since space travel isn’t really commercial yet (we’re keeping our fingers crossed 🚀🤞 ), check out these unique ways to travel adventurously this year. Video & transcript below! 


Ok Bear Grylls. Before you get your sock out to start filtering foot-water from a mountain stream, let’s actually talk about adventure travel. 

If you’ve been feeling the call of the wild, you’re gonna want to keep watching because we break it all down for you— BY EXPERIENCE. Because we all know destination is secondary so long as you’re having a badass experience.

That’s right, these are the top seven adventure travel activities and the best ways to get your adrenaline pumping. Honestly, if this doesn’t inspire you to sign up for adventure travel, nothing will and you should just get back under the covers and accept that you aren’t YOLO-ing to the fullest. 

Most unique ways to travel this year

BUT, if you’re already organizing your gear, here are the most adventurous and unique ways to travel this year. 

1. Photography

Because just like us, you’re all about looking at the world through a new lens. No matter your preferred glass, aperture, or subject—you get the picture—there are more than enough adventure travel programs to make your heart shutter. 

You can be like myself and trek across the Judaean Desert in Israel and you’ll be on a camel, snapping photos, it’s a lot of fun! And, I must admit, all the lighting in the desert is just beautiful. 

2. Backpacking & Hiking 

Pack on your back and everything’s just fine. You knew backpacking was cool wayyyy before Reese Witherspoon got “Wild.” Your boots are all laced up and you’ve already made your infamous trail mix. 

My trail mix just consists of M&Ms, but, I mean, that’s ok. 😂

You can embark on a long thru-hike in the Swiss Alps, walk the Camino de Santiago, or just take a nice out-and-back day hike wherever and chase trails—but don’t go chasing waterfalls 🎶. Ok, ok, maybe a FEW waterfalls, but remember what TLC said! Happy trails!

Gif, Moonrise Kingdom, map and compass

Planning your next worldwide adventure like.

3. Rock Climbing 

Bouldering, sport climbing, on belay or off. We’re not just talking about the gym here! You want it all—the chalked up hands (and clothes), the feeling of solving a problem and conquering a long pitch. 

With so much choice rock climbing worldwide, the real question is where will you go first. Wherever you go, just don’t forget crash pads! Climb on! 

4. Surfing 

Catch those gnarly morning waves and warm rays around the world. I’m sure you can feel the mist of the ocean against your face already. The planet is mostly water, so there’s no wave you can’t ride! Wetsuit up and get going! That pipeline isn’t going to surf itself after all. Grab your passport—and a dry bag—and get on that board! 

5. Water Sports

Surfing’s not your game, but life on land has you feeling like… well… a fish out of water! All your favorite aquatic activities are here. You can sail off into the sunset, hop in a kayak and see where it takes you, or introduce yourself to some friendly sea critters when you scuba dive abroad. 

There’s nothing stopping you from hitting the high seas! Especially once you’ve got your sea legs and the Moana soundtrack handy. Oh, I LOVE Moana. She is so cool. 

6. Yoga 

Not every adventurer has to be an adrenaline junkie. You can search for calm, balance, and breath all around the world. You’re with yourself, you’re thinking, you’re calm, you’re cool.  

You don’t want to savasana on the opportunity to take your yoga practice international for the adventure of a lifetime. Nama-don’t stay home! 

7. Biking

Whether you’re going cross-country on a road bike in France or popping wheelies down a mountainside in New Zealand, this isn’t your SoulCycle class anymore! Wherever your two wheels can take you is where you will go. 

See how fast you can go through each country; set a goal! Or, see how many miles you can do within a day or a week. Get that heart rate pumping and feel the wind blowing through your hair, but always remember your helmet, though. Safety first, people!

Even more adventurous advice

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry, there are programs out there than can help you plan your adventure from start to finish. They’ll be with you every heart-racing step of the way! 

It’s all about stepping outside your comfort zone. The key is to be prepared. Be sure to pack your cam and plenty of memory cards. 😉 Adventure travel is going to blow your mind and be the experience of a lifetime.

Next steps to adventure travel abroad

You have to walk before you can run. Here’s how to best prepare for your own adventures abroad and leave no stone unturned! 

Next stop? The highest peaks and the deepest valleys! Your adventure begins today. 

If you’re looking for unique ways to travel, look no further

Gif, Indiana Jones, people clearing away from him

When you’re on your way home and haven’t showered so no one wants to sit next to you on the plane.

You don’t have to be Indy Jones to have an adventure abroad. In fact, you should leave that whip at home because that is definitely not going to make it through customs. All you really need to bring is a sense of adventure, an eagerness to try new things, and maybe some sunscreen—no...definitely bring sunscreen. 

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