5 Croatia Adventures You'll Love in Zagreb

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Croatia is an underrated, gorgeous, mystical place that meaningful travelers dream about one day visiting. With so much to see and do, from the exotic coastlines to the picturesque cobblestone towns to the exquisite natural wonders like the falling lakes, making time to see it all first-hand is almost impossible. However, with a little pre-planning and research, we try to make the impossible possible! Without further ado, we laid out five possible Croatia adventure travel destinations to see in a day.

Zagreb Adventure by the Horns: 5 Things to do in Zagreb

Zoom in on the country’s capital, Zagreb, a beautifully small metropolis that just begs you to stroll around on its cobblestone streets, enjoy cultural activities like theatre and live music, and make your way to all of the nearby sites that you can. We all know how traveling can sometimes leave us in a pinch, so if you’re needing to adventure in a day (or are just excited for an action-packed day), take note of these five Croatia adventures to do in Zagreb, the capital:

Top Croatia adventures in the capital

1. Lake Jarun

This gorgeous lake is a Croatia adventure travel hotspot for many tourists. It’s a perfect place to soak up some sun, take a walk by the river, have a Sunday barbeque with friends, play sports, or just rest on the beach or in a nearby cafe while you witness a beautiful sunset take place. The lake is the location of the Jarun sports and leisure center where people can row, paddle, sail, surf, swim, jog, bike, roller skate, and skateboard. (Don’t forget hiking in Croatia!) After a full day of activities, enjoy one (or a few) of the many nightclubs and cafés that surround the lake.

Lake Jarun in Zagreb, Croatia
Credit: Europske sveučilišne igre Zagreb-Rijeka 2016

2. Park Maksimir

This beautiful park is home to more than 100 bird species, preserved century-old oak forests, an amazing zoo, meadows, lakes, streams, and miles of small paths just waiting for you to wander them. Park Maksimir is to Zagreb as Bois de Boulogne is to Paris, Tiergarten to Berlin, or Regents Park to London, so you simply can’t go wrong with visiting this Croatia adventure travel stop.

Park Maksimir in Zagreb, Croatia
Credit: hellocroatia.eu

3. Upper Town (Gornji Grad)

If you want know something about the history of Zagreb, then make a point of visiting the Upper Town. A five minute walk from the main square will take you to beautiful and historical views of old Zagreb. There is something romantic about the place, especially as you are watching the city from up above with a street musician playing in the background.

Landscape view of Gornji Grad in Zagreb, Croatia
Credit: tur-servis.si

4. Sljeme

The highest peak of mountain Medvednica, Sljeme stands at 1,035 meters (about 3,396 feet). The area of the park is 228.26 square kilometers (about 141.8 miles) and about 63 percent is covered with forest. It’s a perfect Croatia adventure travel destination for every time of the year and a great place for hiking in Croatia. Skiing, biking, tracking, family gathering, adventures, or resting your body and soul are excellent activities for the adventurous traveler, all while having the whole city in the palm of your hand!

Chairlift going up Sljeme in Zagreb, Croatia
Credit: Hrvoje Mihajlic Photography

5. Have a coffee!

One of the simpler things to do in Zagreb. Nothing keeps it simple like sitting in a local café with a warm drink in hand. Get dressed and meet friends in the main square for a coffee or a snack. In the river of café bars, all you have to do is find your perfect spot and chill like you’ve never chilled before. Try it, you might get addicted to more than just the caffeine!

Street filled with cafes in Zagreb, Croatia
Credit: Trover.com

3 great adventure travel programs in Croatia

If traveling to Croatia is on your dream adventure travel bucket list, consider any one of these programs to help you reach your Croatian destination and travel meaningfully once there:

  • GoEco - Volunteer abroad in Croatia and work with Bottlenose dolphin conservation efforts. With this program, you live in Funtana, Croatia, and your work will have you working very closely with the dolphins as you research and provide data analysis.
  • International TEFL Academy - Teach English abroad in Croatia, and get paid to live in the incredible location! Work during the day, and in your free time and on the weekends, enjoy adventures around the country.
  • Zagreb School of Economics and Management - Study abroad in the nation’s capital, and focus on business mathematics or economics. Earn your four year undergraduate degree in one of the most beautiful locations on Earth!

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To Zagreb & beyond!

Journey to Croatia and never look back. Thanks to these things to do in Zagreb, once you witness the natural beauties of both Croatia’s land and culture, your life will be forever changed. Whether you’re trekking the coastline or putzing around in the city, Croatia is an adventure of a country just waiting to be explored. So what are you waiting for? Finish up that travel packing list and get on your way!

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