A Highlight of Recent Learn To Earn Photo Contest Entries

As the deadline for the GoAbroad Learn To Earn Photo Contest is quickly approaching (Hint: Don't forget to submit your entries by August 25, 2015 at 11:59 PM MT!), we thought it would be a great time for our resident photographer and photo editor, Ian Delgado, to select a few of his top pick entries we have received thus far.

Update - September 10th, 2015: The Learn To Earn Photo Contest has now ended, stay tuned to our Facebook Page for the Announcement of our Winners and to learn more about contest opportunities in the future.

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The following are a selection of photos that Ian felt exemplified the type of photos we are constantly looking for to feature throughout our site, so take a look and get inspired!

(Note: the following photos are only a selection of great photo submissions, these are NOT finalists. Finalists Submissions will be announced on GoAbroad.com's Facebook Page no later than August 28, 2015, when fan voting will commence).

Photo by 丘 嘉嘉

Mountain scenes are always breathtaking, and it doesn't hurt when they are filled with so many natural green colors.

Photo by Kelly Van de Vliet

Speaking of breathtaking, the contrast of these snow covered peaks with this aqua water is most definitely worth highlighting.

Photo by Yasmin Grant

These sunset silhouettes are so intriguing, we want to know more instantly!

Photo by Yasmin Grant

Nothing says traditional countryside quite like a lazy stream surrounded by a grassy meadow (and don't forget the added value of the classic windmill in the distance).


Photo by Sutisha Simluang

Watching the sun make its descent along any shore will surely get you thinking about life as you know it, and appreciate the beauty of the Earth.

Girl doing a yoga pose by a rice field

Photo by Sarah Weber

Is there a more serene place in the world to meditate than this?

Koh Sok National Park

Photo by Sarah Weber

If the teal water and mountains in the background aren't enough to make this photo highlight worthy, than the boat surely puts this one over the top. We want to jump on board and explore right now!

Photo by Lena Bozzo

The contrasts in this photo are incredible; we can only imagine the cultural surprises that lay beyond these white walls.

Photo by Christine Emory

While traveling abroad, you will no doubt have one of these moments. Take it all in and you will surely feel like you have conquered one small part of our enormous world.

Photo by Edea Bailey

If you didn't notice the reflection of the sky in the water the first time you looked at this photo, look again. Overcast skies can be just as amazing as sunny days.

Now that you know what we are looking for, it is time to submit your photo entry to the Learn To Earn Contest!

Click here to get started >> bit.ly/GAPhotoContest

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