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Volunteering Worldwide with Frontier

Students interested in Tibet, can take advantage of Frontier's unique eco tours that allow participants to discover a rich cultural environment. This program is ideal for those interested in witnessing one of the few remaining cultures which has resisted the encroachment of the western influence and globalization in general.


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Pacific Discovery-Summer & Semester Programs Abroad

Immerse yourself in an astoundingly rich cultural heritage and dramatically diverse environments, as we journey through Nepal and Tibet. Home-stay in a rural village and volunteer on a community development project. Trek in the shadow of Himalayan giants through spectacular Langtang National Park. Learn meditation, yoga and Buddhism while living at a hilltop monastery. Travel overland between K...


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Nepal & Tibet: Volunteer with Trekking, Rafting, and Safari

After getting over the culture shock and have opened your eyes of this mysterious kingdom, the journey begins in this incredible adventure empire. Nepal's culture and mystique of the nature is the tension that previously attracted hippies and adventurers from around the world - and which today is as great a challenge to modern man's understanding of the world and themselves. Hinduism and Buddhi...