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A Guide to Adventure Travel in Bangkok

The colorful, vibrant sights, sounds aplenty, delicious street food smells…Bangkok is a city that fills up all your senses. It can be tough to adjust during adventure travel in Thailand, but you’re tougher! Diving in headfirst to a city as intense and exotic as Bangkok won’t so much drain you, but instead allow you to siphon off some of its energy and liveliness for your adventure travel in Bangkok!

Life in Bangkok

Many of the world’s most avid adventure seekers start their journey in Bangkok, the Thai capital and home to over 8 million people. There is never a dull moment during an adventure abroad in Bangkok, a city overflowing with the exhilaration, chaos, and nightlife. The culture of Bangkok is a big pull for many adventure travelers who want a constant stream of excitement between adrenaline rushes.

This lively metropolis serves as a terrific base for all adventure travel in Thailand. Its central location ensures you’ll be able to catch a bus, train, or motorbike to any destination. But before you head out of town, be sure to check out the massive Grand Palace, grab a snack on famous Khao San road, and sample a fried grasshopper to load up on protein before your big outing.  

Speaking of grasshoppers, don’t be scared to try that delicious Thai street food. It’s healthy, appetizing, and perfectly safe. Many tourists go to Bangkok and avoid eating street food, simply because they don’t trust it and are afraid they will get sick. However, you are already on an adventure travel trip in Bangkok, so, YOLO.

GoAbroad Insider Tips

Adventure travel in Bangkok is particularly customizable, and you can choose as much or little support as you’d like. Many adventure travel programs in Bangkok offer group travel with a pre-selected itinerary, while others provide lodging or transportation but leave the daily activities up to you. 

Be mindful of the climate when you’re planning your adventure travel in Thailand so that you don’t get caught out in the rain. The monsoon season reigns from July through October, but the rest of the year is relatively dry. Temperatures really start to sizzle between April and June. Regardless of when you decide to travel, be ready for frizzy hair and don’t forget your sunscreen.

Bangkok scores big in the affordable travel category, with your airfare often being the highest trip expense. Those who choose to go on organized tour will spend a bit more up front on program costs, but having someone else organize travel logistics can be well worth it. 

Whether you spend your adventure abroad in Bangkok under the sea or on the trail, you’re sure to fall under the city’s enchanting spell. Upon returning home, continue the adventure. The adventure you begin in Bangkok is one you can continue on for your entire life. 

For more awesome information on adventure travel, read our comprehensive guide on adventure travel in Thailand.

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