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Travel for Teens: Alpine Adventure

Get ready for the ultimate adventure! The Alps are legendary for their breathing beauty and adrenaline pumping activities. Set off on an unforgettable journey with Travel for Teens filled with majestic views, fresh alpine lakes, and postcard perfect mountain scenery. Our Alpine Adventure is perfect for any nature lover and includes the best outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, hi...


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Switzerland, Italy, France, Holland - Putney Student Travel

Join us on this European summer cultural exploration program for high school students in Switzerland, Italy, France, and Holland. From the mountain trails and summer snowfields of the Swiss Alps and the Italian Dolomites, to the rich culture of Florence and Paris, and on to the bike paths, cheese markets, and beaches of rural Holland, join us to experience Europe as an actively engaged traveler...


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Forum-Nexus Study Abroad

Applications still accepted until April 30, 2012. Earn up to 12 credits this summer while studying in Switzerland! Choose a multi-country Forum-Nexus program which includes two great Swiss cities, Geneva and Interlaken (in the Swiss Alps!) All courses are taught in English. Lots of courses for business and non-business majors.


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Westcoast Connection / 360° Student Travel

This trip affords the right amount of flexibility to explore three different countries in Europe, and still become immersed with the small tour groups. From whitewater rafting through the Alps to cruising the River Seine and onward to a tour of the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, there will be plenty to write home about. It is a great opportunity for photographers, adventure travelers...