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A Guide to Sports Adventure Travel

Sports illuminate microcosms of societies. They represent the culture, the stylings, and the eccentricity of competing teams. Think of the World Cup, for example — hundreds of teams from around the world compete in healthy battle, each representing the best their country has to offer (if only the world wars could have been fought and resolved on a soccer field!). Now picture getting to explore each of these cultures through the very art of sport in your next adventure holiday. Kickstart, rally, and cheer for sports trips, where you’ll explore a country from the pitch, the court, or the field (et al.) for a real grand slam.


A love for competition might be an incentive to try out sports travel, but you’ll experience so much more. Use your passion as a drive to becoming the next sporting icon in one of these iconic sports trips destinations.

For all soccer fanatics, look no further than the capital of this sport — Spain! A European hub for football clubs and a getaway to this Spanish city will serve as a thoroughly inspiring adventure. With many courses available, like international sports camps for young boys between the ages of seven to 18, it won’t take long to “Bend it like Beckham.” If you’re a girl, fear not, there is still plenty of camps suited for all the Sporty Spices out there. Several of these sports vacation packages offer tours for any college, local team, or high school team looking to get away and compete in fun tournaments.

If running around on a muddy field isn’t your thing, why not swap it out for something drastically different? Picture sliding down icy hills at incredible speeds while taking in the breathtaking, snow-capped extravaganza of the Alps. A trip to France will truly stand out on your list of life's accomplishments. With accommodation just minutes from the range, you will feel completely centered in this amazing experience.

If you’re like mermaid or merman who just can’t get enough of the water, then explore sports travel in the waters of Oceanic countries. Just keep swimming and learn about marine conservation along the shores of New Zealand. Surfs up, mate, in the laid-back town of Byron Bay, Australia! Suit up and go scuba diving with your flippy-floppy fins in Fiji to feel like a fish in their colorful world. Build muscle, increase flexibility, and go with the flow as you learn from professionals. 

Sports Travel Opportunities

Whether you are age nine or 90, sports travel provides a unique space to bring everyone together. Be it through classes or international sports training camps, you can choose whether you want to undergo a rigorous, adrenaline pumping, sweat-inducing, sporting battle, or a cozy getaway with just a wallop of relaxed gaming.

You’ll find that taking small classes is the best way to enjoy a multisport vacations without being too physically taxing. By building new skills or leveling up on old ones (with the help of sports geniuses from around the globe), your experience with sports travel and tours won’t just send you home with more souvenirs in your suitcase — it’ll also send you packing with the agility, the power, and the velocity to make a real dent on the competition in your sport of choice. Talk about a slam dunk!

Consider focusing your sports trips on single sports or ones that tackle multiple sports. If you’re gunning to be a star player back home, we recommend focusing your sports travel on the game you love. Some participants might also take sports travel and tours to explore a new culture through unfamiliar sports, such as Tae Kwon Do in Japan or Korea, cricket in India or South Africa, or sepak takraw in Thailand! Lucha libra in Mexico, anyone?

Tips & Advice for Sports Travel

If you are going to embark on sports trips, you need to understand your body and fitness level entirely. Make sure to consult with a general practitioner before going on the trip to ensure you are fit enough to undergo some of the more rigorous activity you may undertake. Don’t do anything that you feel may strain or overexert yourself.

Check sporting equipment for any faults, as you don’t want to be using any faulty products while you’re in a different country. You don’t want to injure yourself because you couldn’t find the time to update your gear. Safety should always be one of your top priorities. While plenty of courses offer travelers their own equipment to borrow, you can’t always guarantee you’ll have access to supplies while abroad. When booking, inquire as to whether you need to stock up on your sporting gear.

Have a look at all the possible locations you can go to and consider what each place could do for you. This could be the next step in your career. It could awaken you to a brand new culture that you will fall in love with and want to further immerse yourself in (maybe you’ll even decide to come back as a coach to an international sports training camp?!). Once you take a sip out of that international Gatorade, you’ll want to slurp down the whole thing.

Benefits & Challenges

Cultural Barriersboth on the field and off. You may experience a slight hindrance when it comes to other cultures and how they do things. Different rules, different gaming tactics, and different styles of play can all be expected, and it can be confusing at first how to approach your competitors without causing serious offense. Use it a learning experience to truly immerse yourself in a new culture and come out the other end with a deepened understanding of the world.

Language. While this can be as much of a barrier as it is a learning opportunity, traveling to foreign lands is a great time for picking up new languages. While assimilating into a new culture through a competitive nature, you will easily pick up a few words and phrases from you host country. Just don’t pick up any foul curse words in which to taunt your opponents!

Adventure & Skills. Not only could you pick up a new language, but you will also get the chance to flex those muscles to gain even more athleticism, which only builds on your skills. Your memory scrapbook will receive a glamorous makeover as you will be overwhelmed with new experiences.

You’ll meet fellow fans of the games, learn new tactics, and gain a whole new perspective of the planet we live on. Playing sports can be your gateway to seeing the rest of the world! Who knows? You might acquire six pack abs along the way.

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A Guide To
Sports Adventure Travel


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