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A Guide to Adventure Travel in Spain

Are you someone who lives for action and adventure – whether it’s the rush of whitewater rafting or getting your heart pumping through martial arts? Does skydiving in Spain in the morning and bungee jumping in the afternoon sound like your perfect day? We’ve got a top-notch selection of adventure tours in Spain for you to choose from no matter what activities bring you to life. If you’re looking to combine your daily energy jolt with gorgeous sights and incredible nightlife, look no further than an opportunity to adventure travel in Spain.


When it comes to choosing a city for Spain adventure travel, the sky’s the limit! Almost every city has some type of adrenaline-bustin’ opportunities, and the real challenge is selecting which amazing locale you’d like to call home.

Looking to be right in the heart of the action? Check out Spain’s capital city, Madrid, which has a multitude of programs to offer featuring everything from eco tours to cooking. Not only that, but Madrid is teeming with museums, parks, and unparalleled nightlife. If you’re looking for adventure with a side of party and pizzazz, you’ve come to the right place.

Hoping to make meaningful connections while exploring all that your new city has to offer? Consider Barcelona, home to some of the world’s best beaches, indescribable architectural achievements, and the famous La Rambla… not to mention the famous FC Barcelona. Check out the Spain adventure sports programs in Barcelona for your chance to play like the pros!

Jonesing for more of a hometown feel? Try Seville, which offers several programs aimed at helping you get your adventure on while connecting with locals via homestays and language immersion programs. If you find yourself in Seville during Holy Week (AKA the week before Easter), don’t miss the city’s elaborate Semana Santa celebrations, which include many pasos, or religious processions, through the streets and are attended by thousands of visitors!

Adventure Tours in Spain

Spain adventure sports range from its stunning beaches ready for canoeing and surfing to its picturesque mountains perfect for biking or nature tours— adventure travel in Spain’s got it all and more. No matter what type of action-packed fun you’re looking to pursue, you can find it in Spain sin problema – without a problem!

If you love the great outdoors and want options for maximizing your time in nature, consider camping or backpacking programs. Not only will you get to know the local terrain, but several of these programs combine outdoor experiences with other learning possibilities, such as Spanish language courses.

More inclined to get your feet wet? Spain is filled with options to get you in the water and working off those delicious Spanish tapas. If you want something really off the beaten path, consider kiteboarding. If you prefer to jump in, try a diving program, many of which you can participate in year-round due to Spain’s temperate climate.

Depending on what activities “float your boat,” spring and fall are the best time to visit for consistently beautiful weather–although let’s be honest–it’s pretty darn beautiful all the time. That said, the weather is usually much cooler in northern Spain, meaning if you’re looking for adventure from June to August, consider the mountains your new favorite place.

Costs & Affordability

Depending on what area of the country you decide to visit– and the nature of what adventures await you through your program– Spain adventure tours could be a relatively low-cost home away experience. You can buy yourself a decent meal out for about €15 and top it off with a glass of wine for less than €5!

As for program expenses, some adventure programs include living accommodations, meals, airport pick-up, and even insurance in up-front costs, while other program’s fees only cover the program itself. Additionally, almost no programs cover airfare or travel insurance, so be sure to consider these when contemplating your overall cost. Check the program provider’s website directly to verify exactly what’s included so you can properly prepare for the expenses.

If that’s not an option, look into community resources. Local community groups may provide scholarships for time abroad, particularly if there is a possibility of earning university credit. You can also look at GoAbroad’s Scholarship and Financial Resources page to see if you are eligible for any additional scholarship funding.

Lastly, don’t forget about crowdsourcing! On sites such as FundMyTravel, you can create a funding page where others (such as your friends, relatives, and even strangers!) can help you realize your financial goals. You’ll be in España before you know it!

Accommodation & Visas

While your mind may be on the slopes, don’t forget about the important components of your stay you need to take care of before strapping on those skis.

If you are a citizen of the European Union you do not need a visa to enter Spain. In fact, citizens of many countries around the world don’t require visas for stays up to 90 days, but you may need one if you plan on staying longer. Be sure to check out GoAbroad’s Spanish Embassy Guide to contact your local embassy if you have questions.

As for your living situation, accommodation arrangements can vary greatly depending on your program. Many programs provide homestays which allow travelers the opportunity to better integrate into the local community. Others provide group living where a small number of participants may live together in an apartment or shared housing. Shared options are great for travelers prone to homesickness, who may bond well with fellow adventure seekers who are also away for an extended period.

That being said, while it’s great to bond with those on a similar journey, make sure you take time to truly experience la vida Española (the Spanish life) to connect with–and learn from–locals in your area.

Benefits & Challenges

As a general rule, adventures in Spain are known for their leisurely pace, and honestly, what could be better? Spaniards seem to simply enjoy living; they relish in the moment, take time out for the important things, and make it a point to spend time with loved ones — even while skydiving. So, when you’re done cycling across the Pyrenees Mountains you can take comfort in knowing a gorgeous sunset and delicious coffee are in your future just down the avenue.

In addition, the gorgeous year-round Mediterranean weather that bathes Spain in warmth not only makes these strolls (and cycling trips!) possible, but encourages people to get out and get moving no matter what time of year.

While this slower pace of living might sound like a dream, it does come with challenges. Notably, shops have the tendency to just sort of...close. Mid-day. Sometimes without warning. These unexpected changes in schedule can leave Type A people (or really anyone who just needs some milk) feeling dazed and confused; yet, it seems a small trade-off for the work/life balance that comes built into living in Spain.

Another challenge to consider before ballooning over to España? Spain’s unemployment rate currently sits right below 23 percent. If you’re hoping to hold down a job while globetrotting, you may wish to consider a different locale. However, if you’re looking to jump headfirst into extreme sporting and to “play hard” more than you “work hard”, Spain definitely fits the bill.

Spain adventure travel is truly the full package: a fabulous array of diverse programs and landscapes to get your heart thumping while leaving your skin perfectly sunkissed. If you’re contemplating a journey that will satisfy your lust for excitement and your love of long walks on the beach and hopping nightlife, look no further than Spain adventure tours.

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