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A Guide to Adventure Travel in Johannesburg

Are you an adventurer seeking your next experience? Jozi, Joburg, Egoli, or Johannesburg, no matter what you call this City of Gold in South Africa, could be the next stamp in your passport. Situated on a plateau, Joburg is the world’s largest city not built on a coastline. But just because it is a dry port doesn’t mean it is lacking in the fun department — adventure travel in Joburg is kief. Birthplace of singer Dave Matthews and home of the tallest, fastest roller coaster in Africa, Joburg has much to offer. If your life’s motto is “Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we will die,” here is everything you need to know about Johannesburg tourism.

Life in Johannesburg

Life in Joburg for travelers is fast paced,vibrant, and full of energy. That can be exciting for adventure travelers but on the flip side, Joburg is also a big city with a small town feel. 

Joburg is known as the city of opportunity where small businesses are thriving. The city is diverse in culture and a melting pot where most everyone you meet will be friendly, warm, and welcoming making starting up conversations easy and helping you fit right in immediately. That is definitely a perk because mingling  with the locals can lead to more adventure opportunities than you might experience in the city on your own. 

A couple of must have non-adventure experiences in Joburg include visits to the Apartheid Museum as well as the world’s largest human made urban forest with over 1.2 million trees in the heart of the city.

GoAbroad Insider Tips

South Africa in general is known for its high crime rate, so do take precaution and do your research when planning your Johannesburg tourism. With the good always comes some bad, but that is true no matter where you travel. Most crime in Joburg happens in the poorer, outlying areas of the city where you most likely won’t be visiting.

Another consideration is travelers visiting for 90 days or less for tourist purposes do not need visas to enter South Africa. But make sure to check in with GoAbroad's Embassy Directory before embarking on your trip if you have any questions or need more detailed info.

Johannesburg tourism boasts adventure opportunities for everyone. FACT: It takes one-minute longer to boil an egg in Johannesburg than it does in the coastal cities of SA because it is situated 2000m above sea level. A city that is high in the sky with so much to do and see, it is impossible to list it all here. Do your research and you can easily plan an adventure travel extravaganza that works best for your lifestyle. 

Whether you enjoy hiking and backpacking, animal adventures, or adventures in the concrete jungle, Joburg will never disappoint. Eat, drink, and book your adventure travel in Joburg, South Africa!

Get more inspo with our comprehensive guide on adventure travel abroad in South Africa here.

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A Guide To
Adventure Travel in Johannesburg


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