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Work and Travel Canada

Our Work & Travel Canada program gives U.S. citizens between the ages of 18 and 35 a chance to experience the beauty of our northern neighbor while earning money throughout the year. Start with an arrival orientation in Vancouver or Toronto and continue with job support throughout your program. If you already have a job in mind we can also help you organize your 12-month working holiday visa! ...


European Discovery - 21 Days

Travel through The Netherlands, France, Switzerland and Italy this summer on one unforgettable journey. You will see the big cities of Amsterdam, Paris and Rome, the quaint alpine towns of Annecy and Zermatt, the Adriatic Riviera and so much more! This program balances memorable historical sites, adrenalin pumping adventure, relaxing beach time and vibrant nightlife. There aren’t words to descr...


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Combined Orphanage care and Ecotourism projects in Ghana

PCN organization in Ghana provides the opportunity for volunteers from worldwide to volunteer in the orphanage homes by teaching and doing other related activities to vulnerable children. The volunteer placement is well organized in order to create new life into these unfortunate and neglected Children by sharing fun, love, and education to them. This project includes orphanage and day care...


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Experience China Beyond the Standard Tourist Fare

There are places on this planet that are fascinating and diverse beyond human imagination. Welcome to China: not only one of the biggest countries in the world, but also one of the most multi-ethnic, contrasting, and culture-rich. From the quiet, wide-open, spiritual, and barren lands of Tibet to the most hectic, up-to-date, energetic, and noisy cities of the east coast; from the spicy dishes o...


Arctic Survival Challenge

Take part in our exciting Arctic adventure, wherein you learn survival skills and then put these to test. There will be international flights from the UK, but you can join the group in Sweden. Throughout our stay in the wild, you will learn arctic survival skills and shelter building. You will also engage in numerous activities, such as cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, ice fishing, snowmo...


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Big One - Roadtrip Central & Eastern Canada

Immerse yourself in all the glory of Central and Eastern Canada. Experience what makes Canada amazing – with tons of spots that few know about. Enjoy your time in our amazing outdoors, national parks, cultural centers, cities and small towns. There are tons of experiences to be had, including canoeing in Algonquin Park, relaxing in the Laurentians, exploring majestic Gaspesie, seeing the power ...


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Wilderness Guide Training

Training by a Licensed Guide Outfitter, it is what makes the difference in the quality of the guide in Adventure Tourism. We have been training wilderness guides since 1990. People from all over the world, from all walks of life, have graduated from our programs and have gone on to fill the employment needs of the adventure tourism industry throughout the world. Wilderness Guide Programs: H...


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Mountain Bike Guide in Bolivia

Gravity Assisted Mountain Biking is looking for mountain bike guides to join its team for nine months. Mountain bike guiding is a unique opportunity that provides the chance to live and work in Bolivia. Past guides have said it has been one of the most unique and rewarding experiences they have ever had. Guides gain valuable experience not just in guiding, but also in leading, organization, ...