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A Guide to Snowboarding Adventure Travel Abroad

Shredding down the side of a snowy mountain at high speed in the biting cold while taking in the icy wintery landscapes might seem like a crazy idea, but it’s an adventure that is brimming with adrenaline, excitement, and fun — not to mention the makings of an amazing snowboard vacation. Indulge in your daredevil streak and embark on a journey of a lifetime not only by enjoying the world’s sweetest powder while snowboarding, but also by embracing the opportunity to see the world. Polish those boards and Sean White impressions and shoop down the slopes in the sickest form of all pows on snowboard trips!


Where you decide to twist and turn down on your snowboard vacation is crucial to the experience you hope to have. Some locations have more challenging snowboarding routes than others, so it really depends on how daring you may be feeling (or how much cold you can withstand).

From the insulated igloos beneath the starry sky to the sparklingly clean lakes by the mountain caps, Canada is brimming with adventure for your perfect adventure abroad. With courses lead by passionate instructors, you can expect the best of the best when snowboarding through the Canadian mountainside. What better way to see how many moose you can spot as you shimmy across the sparkling wilderness?!

For the monster of all snowboarding experiences and the pinnacle of adventure travels, do you dare find snowboarding vacation packages in the Alps? A journey to France can deliver you just that. Surrounded by Alpine views, filled with the stunning scenery of lakes, and waterfalls and rock formations, you’ll breathe the crisp air here. Picture yourself flying down runs in Chamonix, like a magical carpet, surrounded by the bright, crisp views of the French Alps. This is the most popular destination in Europe for snowboarding, so you are sure to meet dozens of people, just like yourself, thirsty for a new adventure.

Take your snowboard trips south to the famous and fantastic kingdom of Middle Earth in New Zealand, where the quaint landscape will truly leave you spellbound. By meeting new people and immersing yourself into this adventurous culture, you will feel yourself grow into a whole new person. The South Island, nestled beside the city of Queenstown, has earned its reputation for being truly “Remarkable”! Offering a terrain adept for snowboarders of all levels, you will find yourself entering in the most epic of all adventures. Surrounded by the pristine lakes and picturesque villages, snowboarding through the mountainside will leave a lasting impression of the land down under.

Snowboard Trips Abroad

No experience? No problem — everyone needs to start somewhere! So whether you find yourself gliding down the slopes of Croix or between the modest snowcaps in Canada, there are snowboard trips (not to mention snowboard travel insurance, hehe!) with your name on it. Programs are often catered to students on their gap year and everyone from around the globe is welcome. Many courses offer the basics and skill building classes that train you to face the dramatic mountain slopes head on (but with a helmet — safety first, people). Some courses offer classes taught by industry professionals, ensuring you feel confident as you take on your first run.

If you’re a more experienced snow bunny, many countries offer internships to recent graduates looking to work in the tourism and hospitality sector. As an intern at a mountain resort you’ll get invaluable industry experience while traveling the world. That way you can start to perfect your McTwist and get paid for it. These programs provide shared accommodation at the resort, which will allow you to meet fellow powder hounds from all over the world.

Of course, when you travel, you will want to enjoy a full holiday experience. Plenty of snowboarding tours will allow you to embark on a whirlwind of an adventure. Whether you are a student, a recent graduate, or just a snowsports enthusiast looking to inject a little excitement into your life, you deserve to live like a true pro as you tip down the slippery slopes, chasing powder across the globe — the choice is all yours.

Tips & Advice for Snowboard Trips

Once you’ve made up your mind on a location, you’re good to go, right? Wrong! You need to run down a checklist of necessities before you set off. Snowboard? Boots? Helmet? Warm clothing? Make sure you are fully prepared to take on the mighty snow-covered hills, especially if it's your first time getting off the bunny slope.

Most important of all, don’t do anything you aren’t capable of. Sure, it’s a great thing to want to challenge yourself, but you’ll only wind up injured if you go for too much, too fast. Check into a snowboarding class that matches your level of experience and build up from there. Listen to your instructors, as they are the professionals and will teach you how to conduct yourself in the safest way possible.

Also, familiarize yourself with the equipment that is provided from your snowboarding vacation packages. This might seem confusing, especially if you are a newbie, but education can be a lifesaver. Understanding the safety features and appropriate tools will allow you to become confident in the gear you will be using. Being able to recognize when a product is faulty could be the very thing that prevents an accident.

Last but not least, when you are going snowboarding, there tends to be this stuff called...snow. And boy is that stuff cold. So bundle up! Mittens, gloves, hats, oh my! Bring what you need to keep yourself warm because you do not want to end up a Jacksicle (there was room on that door, Rose!). Drink all the hot cocoa on the reg and just take care of yourself.

Benefits & Challenges

Friends. Those who snowboard together, stay together! When you slide down the back of a mountain together, there's no stopping the limits of your friendship. Next thing you know, you’re braving getting a hot stone massage or taking over the world with your board. When you’re staying in your lodge, get to know the other travelers around you. You’d be surprised at how many friends this sport can help you make because all of you are daredevils after all.

Adrenaline. From the epic surroundings to the knot of excitement that will curl in your stomach, the sensation of snowboard travel is thoroughly indescribable. You will receive a wealth of memorable experience as well as a new hobby that you can cherish forever. Think of how wonderfully obnoxious you get to be when you brag to your peers about your getaway to the Alps to do a “spot of snowboarding.” Move over origami, snowboarding is the new king of all niche pastimes.

Experience. Unless you’re actually Sean White, everyone will be a little nervous taking to the mountains for the first time. You might even try and convince everyone that you will just leave it to the next day and then the next day and so forth. Remember that everyone has to start somewhere — it’s just your turn to be the newb. Once you get into the swing of it, you’ll basically be ready to take on the X-games.

Combining world travel with a adventure and fitness, snowboard trips are the ultimate way to nourish your inner exhibitionist. Delve into a trip of the lifetime and meet many likeminded people who are just as powder hungry as you are! 

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A Guide To
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