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Volunteer with Kids in Russia for your Semester Abroad!

Live in Russia for a semester while you volunteer in the classroom! Help children learn English part time and have the rest of the semester free to explore your new home and even have vacation time to travel to nearby countries like Lithuania, Sweden, Poland, and more! ILP has options for 8 different countries to volunteer in, but we got our start in Russia more than 20 years ago! Two of the c...


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Live & Learn Russian in Moscow or St Petersburg

Moscow and Saint Petersburg are by far Russia's largest and most culturally significant cities. With a rich history and many historic monuments and areas, Moscow and Saint Petersburg are ideal places to learn the Russian language! Our Live and Learn program is a unique experience for all participants. You'll be placed in the home of your own Russian instructor (and their family) in either Mo...


Grint Center for Education

The Grint Center for Education is located in Moscow, a treasure house of Russian culture, featuring many art museums, theaters, concert halls, and public libraries. Located on a 150-acre site in the Vykhino district, the center is known for its parks and gardens, with easy access from downtown Moscow by bus and subway. Numerous shops, a movie theater, a museum, and an open-air market are all wi...


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Adventure Programs with ProBa Language Centre

When you arrive in St. Petersburg you will enter on one of the most amazing pages in the history of European culture. The majestic architectural ensembles of St. Petersburg stretching along the banks of the wide and deep Neva decorated the diverging rays of its thoroughfares and vistas of its squares.