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Puerto Rico Post Maria Rebuild

VOLUNTEER VACATIONS IN PUERTO RICO It is so close and the need is so great! Join us on our first program in a United States territory in a time of great need. As the world knows, this beautiful archipelago among the Greater Antilles was struck hard by Category 5 hurricane Maria in 2017, the worst natural disaster in its’ recorded history.Puerto Rico needs you. In your free time you will experi...


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Adventures in Puerto Rico

Discover Puerto Rico like never before on our week-long tour packages. Our tours are more than just a "trip". We focus on real immersion, real culture, and real adventure. Our trained guides are lovers of everything Puerto Rico. We are passionate about sharing our unique history and destination with our travelers. We believe in immersing you into our culture on a local, hands-on level. As...


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Puerto Rico: Building Communities and Island Adventurer

Away from the tourist traps and development of the cities, you will experience an island known for its food, music, salsa dancing, and language an irresistible Latino culture infused with a laid-back island lifestyle. Puerto Rico is the home of Global Works first community service trip in 1990, when we helped rebuild communities devastated by Hurricane Hugo. Many years later, we continue meani...