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Puerto Rico Post Maria Rebuild

VOLUNTEER VACATIONS IN PUERTO RICO It is so close and the need is so great! Join us on our first program in a United States territory in a time of great need. As the world knows, this beautiful archipelago among the Greater Antilles was struck hard by Category 5 hurricane Maria in 2017, the worst natural disaster in its’ recorded history.Puerto Rico needs you. In your free time you will experi...


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Adventures in Puerto Rico

Discover Puerto Rico like never before on our week-long tour packages. Our tours are more than just a "trip". We focus on real immersion, real culture, and real adventure. Our trained guides are lovers of everything Puerto Rico. We are passionate about sharing our unique history and destination with our travelers. We believe in immersing you into our culture on a local, hands-on level. As...


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Global Works - Travel with Purpose

Experience the unique Puerto Rican way of life through Global Works. A large number of meaningful and valuable activities are offered to worldwide participants. This includes Volunteerism, Heritage Tourism, and Snorkeling. The two week long adventure travel program is based in San Juan.


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Tropic Ventures Research & Education Foundation

What does a group service trip to Tropic Ventures look like? Most trips for groups are around eight days to 12 days. A day typically starts with breakfast and then to work. A packed lunch at about 1pm and then another couple of hours of work. This is as flexible as you need it to be. We appreciate that on these breaks, groups need time for their own activities (journal-writing, circles, refl...