Adventure Travel in Windhoek

5 Adventure Travel Abroad Programs in Windhoek


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With more than 400 projects worldwide and with 25 years experience of providing ethical travel placements, Frontier can find you the perfect adventure whatever you want to achieve. We offer placements in more than 50 countries including Costa Rica, Madagascar, Fiji and loads more. Here are just some of the options available: Marine Conservation and Diving Travel to beach paradises, scuba...


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This adventurous safari offers all the main Namibian highlights in a less than two week holiday time frame. It is an assisted comfortable camping trip with participation limited to helping with the tents, while traveling in a specially converted safari truck with excellent visibility. The safari departs every Saturday of the year, with a minimum of 2 people (max 14 people). Collection time is b...


Experience the adventure of a lifetime in Namibia - the country famous for a millions-of-years-old desert situated along the coast! For seven days, you will see the country’s stunning beauty. You will visit Namib Desert, which is one of the world’s oldest desert (with a history that dates back more than 55 million years!). Here, you will conquer some of the world’s highest dunes, which towe...