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A Guide to Adventure Travel in Tokyo

Beneath the clean and orderly spectacles that structure much of the culture that Tokyo prides itself on, there is a wild side waiting to be unleashed. True, where it’s urban, it’s really urban, and where it’s expensive, it’s really expensive. But we’re not talking about a going on a fancy business trip to Tokyo here. We’re talking about adventure travel in Tokyo! There is an undeveloped side to Tokyo just waiting to be explored. A landscape that is forested and mountainous, and will astonish and amaze you more than you could ever imagine when you think of adventure travel in Japan.

Life in Tokyo for Travelers

Japanese culture is starkly different from most Western societies. The Japanese take pride in politeness, mutual respect, honor, cleanliness, and just about every quality that make a place civilized and easily adaptable to. For a region inhabited by 35 million people, Tokyo is an astonishingly peaceful and efficiently run city. It is safe, clean, and the intricate metro system brilliantly connects every corner of the city.

It goes without saying that explorers who adventure abroad in Tokyo will never get bored. There are seemingly an infinite amount of fun activities and cultural intricacies to explore as a stranger to this mega-city. Natives of Tokyo are always friendly and eagerly hospitable to foreigners. Make the effort to befriend locals and they will show you all the hidden adventures and all the nooks and crannies that make Tokyo a never-ending puzzle to be experienced.

GoAbroad Insider Tips

Trying to understand Japanese is as hard as, well, trying to understand Japanese. It is a difficult language to learn, but if you plan on choosing an adventure abroad in Tokyo, then it’s best to try and learn a few basics. Especially make an effort to learn how to read common trail signs and the word for danger...

The cultural shock may zap you harder than usual as Tokyo is an autonomous culture unlike any other. Adjusting to the many norms and expectations will be challenging during your adventure travel in Japan, but locals are kind and accommodating during the process if they see you making an effort.

Adventure travel has an element of pushing you out of your comfort zone and facing your fears. So step up to the plate and choose to do adventure travel in Tokyo! If you are up to the challenge of adventuring abroad in Tokyo, then go forth and have the experience of a lifetime. Tokyo may not seem like a popular place to adventure abroad, but when you look hard enough, adventure is out there.

For even more inspiring info, read our comprehensive guide on adventure travel in Japan.

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A Guide To
Adventure Travel in Tokyo


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