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A Guide to Adventure Travel in Israel

Since Moses parted the Red Sea to escape oppression in a foreign land, Israelites have always had a flair for adventure. Considered the Holy Land, Israel is a country steeped in constant debate, conflict, and passion – but that’s even more reason for Israelis to have a little fun and embrace the natural beauty and opportunity of the present! Choose an adventure in Israel that allows you to discover the stunning biblical landscape that the world’s greatest storytellers and historians have been unraveling for centuries and beyond. The best time to travel to Israel is now. Yalla! Come on and book your ticket to tour Israel today!


With one of the most diverse landscapes in a small geographical area, traveling in Israel is a remarkable exploration. Once you’ve ticked off the major cosmopolitan, cultural hubs of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and had the thrill of defying gravity in the Dead Sea, direct your wanderings to the tips of Israel to take advantage of the variety of experiences this tough little country has to offer.

Join Israeli families and tourists from Israel’s northern European neighbors at its southern tip in the city of Eilat. Dipping your toes into the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Aqaba, you’ll be sure to find the mix of relaxation and adventure you seek in Israel’s premier resort town. Beyond the aquatic activities available in Eilat, opportunities for carefree fun abound in this thriving port city. From clubs and casinos to the biblical theme park, King’s City, you’ll never come down from the thrill as you tour Israel along with the diverse visitors coming to Eilat all year-round.

Whether exploring upward from Eilat or riding camelback into the desert (does it get much more “adventure in Israel” than that?!), the Negev is one of Israel’s most expansive and unbeatable natural attractions. Once an important, historic trade route, the Negev remains the home of precious desert species, some of the traditional Negev Bedouin communities, and the ruins of ancient cities. Today, many innovative local farmers are experimenting with cultivation in the desert climate. After a daytime excursion, pitch your tent, and look up to the stars and give in for a moment to be overwhelmed by the vast, speckled sky.

On the opposite side of the country and in an opposite climate, venture to the Golan Heights and Galilee to experience the lush terrain of Israel. Amidst wildflowers, ranches, and kibbutz compounds, find joy while swimming, cycling, and hiking Israel in this beautiful region of the country. Embrace your natural surroundings in the Yehuda Nature Reserve and Tzipori National Park, but don’t forget to bear witness to the miracles of Christianity at Nazareth or recognize the remnants of the recent tension over this stunning landscape between Syria and Israel from 1967 to 1981.

Adventures in Israel

With mild winters and sunny, hot summers, Israel adventure tours invite you to come play in its various terrains and rural areas all year-round – there’s no one best time to travel to Israel, it’s all good! Plenty of options are available to craft your ideal adventure from the water to the mountains to the desert. For those who can’t pass up a trip to the Holy Land without some spirituality, several tour options also provide adventure combined with religious study or sightseeing activities. Come Saturday, you’ll be ready to enjoy the Jewish day of rest or shabbat after a long, active week.

With 116 miles of coastline, an adventure in Israel can mean soaking in some of the most historic bodies of water in the world. Israel is home to your favorite water sports, like scuba diving and snorkeling among a coral reef that hosts 270 species of coral and over 2,500 species of fish and other sea creatures. Can’t get enough of Israel’s sparkling waters? Several of the best tours to Israel offer opportunities to engage with the diverse marine life through conservation volunteer projects that might just turn you into a St. Peter’s fish yourself.

Maybe you’ve already met some Israeli rock climbers along your travels—now it’s time to discover what the hype is all about! With amazing desert limestone, crags, boulders, and cliffs that have been shaped over thousands of years, Israel is a haven for traditional climbing, bouldering, or rappelling. For more on-land adventures, cycling is becoming increasingly popular in Israel as an active, speedy way to see the country. Over the past decade, Israel has marked new trails that are friendly to cyclists driven to explore. Take the above traveling to Israel tips to heart, say your prayers, and head with confidence into the eye of the Middle East!

Costs & Affordability

As an adventurer, your shekels will go farther in rural areas as opposed to the more crowded cities of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Eilat. Overall, the cost of living and traveling in Israel is similar to the United States; however, in comparison to the rest of the Middle East, Israel leans towards the more expensive end of the spectrum. For example, Tel Aviv boasts the most expensive gasoline, bread, and fast food combo meal in the entire region!

Luckily, there’s no need to get your Aladdin pants in a bunch as many programs offer packages that include most expenses, like housing, some meals, and transportation between adventure sites. Plus, there’s little need to splurge when Israel’s street food from familiar falafel, hummus, and shawarma to the more exotic Tunisian fricassee and sabich is so sababa (amazing!).

Accommodation & Visas

With diverse communities of Jews that have made aliya from around the world, Arabs, and a booming tourist industry, traveling in Israel is both diverse and accessible. Housing prices are on the rise, so accommodation is easier (and cheaper) found outside of city centers. If you choose to tour Israel outside of it’s cities, look at opportunities to stay or volunteer at a kibbutz, a collective community, or kibbutz hotel. Living on a kibbutz is an authentic way to take part in Israeli life while surrounded by some of the country’s most spectacular natural areas.

Citizens from the majority of countries in North America, South America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand are exempt from a visa for up to 90 days of travel in Israel. It is highly important to ensure that your visa is valid for six months after your scheduled date of departure from Israel. Some travelers may be eligible for an extension by contacting the Ministry of the Interior and paying a fee. For those adventurers who will continue to explore other Arab Middle Eastern countries, remember to request not to receive an Israeli stamp in your passport so that you can continue to roam the region without any issues. Search the GoAbroad Embassy Directory to determine the appropriate steps to make your Israel adventure happen!

Benefits & Challenges

Political Tension: You might be wondering: “Is it safe to travel to Israel now?” Since its creation as a nation in 1948, Israel has sparked debate throughout the far corners of the world. While adventure travel provides an adrenaline rush, those who wander to Israel must be aware of valid risks that accompany travel in a contentious country. With internal strife between Israel and the Palestinian territories constantly flaring and external threats from Israel’s Arab neighbors, be sure to stay updated on any potential security issues when planning your adventure and keep your traveler smarts sharp when enjoying all that Israel has to offer.

Spirit of Adventure: Although Israel is located in the heart of the Middle East and its turmoil, this sense of imminent danger has perhaps shaped the culture of boldness and fun that is prevalent, especially among young people. Known for chutzpah, or courageous audacity, Israelis are out to push boundaries, state their minds, and make the most of every moment. Highly hospitable, Israelis are also very warm and happy to help you on your way or even join in!

The ninth president of Israel, Shimon Peres once said, “In Israel, a land lacking in natural resources, we learned to appreciate our greatest national advantage: our minds.” Israel’s natural landscape is undoubtedly rich with beauty, but it is the importance of this small piece of land, despite the lack of resources, that fuels the existence, inspiration, creativity, and pride that defines modern Israel. Israel adventure tours will not only exercise your body, but it is also an opportunity to stretch your mind and soul. Come explore this little bit of Earth and discover its importance from the history of thousands of years ago to its place in the memories that you are about to create.

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A Guide To
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