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Indonesia Jungle Adventure

Experience this exhilarating 9-day expedition through the lush expanses of the Sumatran rainforest, where you will learn vital jungle survival skills, track the wild Orangutans through their stunning natural habitat, experience and learn more about ecotourism and the vital role it plays in the preservation of these precious natural resources, all the while making new friends for life! Whilst...


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Indonesia - Orangutan and Wildlife Rescue Center

The Wildlife Rescue Center in Jogjakarta provides a safe haven for an array of 'at risk' animals from the rainforests of Borneo. The center is dedicated to rescuing, and where possible, rehabilitating wild animals so that they may one day return to their natural habitats. Some of the animals being housed at the center include orangutans, Siamang gibbons, crocodiles, raptors including the Javan ...


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Volunteer to Teach English in North Sumatra

Are you keen to go on a holiday where you can visit the local villages and give back to the local communities that you stay in? Are you on a students gap year, a career break or looking for something to do in your retirement? Do you love adventure travel? Our Education and Environmental Volunteering Programs in Selang Pangeran, near Bukit Lawang in North Sumatra might be just what you are lo...


Internship in Golf Driving for Students and Beginners.

LPTM (Lembaga Profesi Teknik dan Manajemen) offers an internship at a golf driving range in Makassar, Indonesia. Interns can exercise range driving, pitching and chipping, bunker play, and putting, which the internship provides for three days in a week. The internship also provides a weekly excursion to an interesting destination, full set of golf clubs in a caddy bag, 500 balls for various gol...


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Wildlife Conservation Volunteer

Join us on a one-week to eight-week jungle adventure to help protect the endangered wil Sumatran Orang-Utan and other animals in their habitat in one of the oldest and most beautiful rainforests in the world. You will find out 1.5-hectare conservation project site in the heart of the jungle in Batu Kapal, on the tranquil Landak River, overlooking the UNESCO World Heritage Listed Gunnung Leus...


10-Day Indonesia Cultural Journey (2 Islands)

There are two ways of seeing the world: from the view of a tourist and a local. If you’d rather explore new places from the perspective of people with insider knowledge and experiences, choose our travel packages at IndoExcursions. Join our 10-Day Indonesia Cultural Journey, which takes you to a luxurious and hassle-free trip to Sulawesi and Java. These are just two of the country’s beautifu...