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Work and Travel in Australia

Explore the best of Australia open-endedly. You'll have the ability to choose where you live, travel and work, with support in the background during your adventure! Earn money to fund your travels, make a million friends and memories, and maybe take a side trip or two (Fiji anyone?). This program is geared towards travelers who want to do their own thing, but with a leg up in the job sea...


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Coop&Internship in Armenia

With over 800 placement partners, positions are available year-round in a wide variety of sectors and organizations, including business, education, environmental sciences, arts and culture, finance, health, governmental and non-governmental agencies. In addition to placements, AVC provides all logistical support from airport pick-up, to host-family living arrangements, Armenian language classes...


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Experience China Beyond the Standard Tourist Fare

There are places on this planet that are fascinating and diverse beyond human imagination. Welcome to China: not only one of the biggest countries in the world, but also one of the most multi-ethnic, contrasting, and culture-rich. From the quiet, wide-open, spiritual, and barren lands of Tibet to the most hectic, up-to-date, energetic, and noisy cities of the east coast; from the spicy dishes o...


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Rio Party Pack with Local 55 Travels

We are based in Rio de Janeiro Brasil, and we offer a great experience to travellers who are visiting Brazil for the first time. We accommodate people from 18 to 40 years old. We provide an introduction to the city of Rio before the traveller goes around South America. You get the a pleasant initial contact with the Brazilian culture through the well-organized reception we provide upon arrival....


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Holiday in The Himalayas

Spend your holiday in the Himalayas. You can take part in various programs, including Eco Treks, Meditation, Healing Tour with Yoga, and Volunteering. You can rejuvenate yourself with Ayurveda health and Tibetan energetics and Tibetan healing techniques, travel with a dharamsala miniguide, and study rituals of Buddhism, list of Tibetan place names and Tibetan monks. You get to learn the Tib...


Day Tours and Safaris: Durban, South Africa

Are you a nature lover? Are you a passionate advocate of travel? We share our love of life and expertise in traveling with you! We are a Durban-based tour company offering trips to off-the-beaten destinations across the coastal city and KwaZulu-Natal (KZN). Our tours have a maximum of four guests at any time. Cybele Eco Tours guarantees the highest standard of service to guests wishing to st...


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1 + 1 Work and Holiday Australia

Australia is known as one of the best-paying countries for professionals. Power your resumé with some Australian work experience while spending a holiday in this mesmerizing country. When it comes to lifestyle, Australia is incomparable. For eligible candidates, this will be a one-year work-and-holiday visa for Australia. We help you find a job, too. Our recruitment specialist will get you t...