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New Zealand: Fun, Flexible, Guided Adventure Network

Meet adventurous like-minded travelers and prepare yourself for a trip of a lifetime on Stray's hop-on, hop-off travel network. Stray offers a truly unique way to explore New Zealand, wherein you discover some of the most beautiful ‘off-the-beaten track' destinations and have access to 8+ National Parks across its full route. Simply select a Stray Pass (North, South, or National Passes ...


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Deserted Island Survival Belize!

Ever Imagined being the victim of a shipwreck and have to survive on an island Robinson Crusoe style? Or did you ever brag you would be able to do a better job surviving on a Deserted Island? This is the opportunity to prove yourself! This is your chance to experience how to survive on deserted island in the middle of the ocean with nothing but a bit of wreckage, some palms and your own will...


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Combined Orphanage care and Ecotourism projects in Ghana

PCN organization in Ghana provides the opportunity for volunteers from worldwide to volunteer in the orphanage homes by teaching and doing other related activities to vulnerable children. The volunteer placement is well organized in order to create new life into these unfortunate and neglected Children by sharing fun, love, and education to them. This project includes orphanage and day care...


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Explore the Himalayan Heritage - 12 days educational tour

This program from Scholars Abroad is the perfect opportunity to explore the Himalayan heritage. The adventure educational tour starts with a trek through the scenic routes in the Annapurna foothills near Pokhara, Nepal, amidst blazing rhododendron flowers in the cool forest, through Gurung village, under the gaze of Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, and Machhapuchhare (Fish Tail) peaks. After the mountain...


Travel Ghana (Asempɛ)

Asempɛ is Ghana's first international tour programmes that explores historical sites, heritage tourism and eco tourist sites as well as conservations and zoos in the nation. Through a pack programme, participants visits ten adventurous and historical sites in each region of the country meaning, participants visit ten of the 100 tourist/historical/eco-tour sites to choose from and engage in othe...


Mt Everest Base camp Helicopter tour- Ride Helicopter

Join the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour. Everest base camp helicopter tour is short but is and adventure that lasts a lifetime. The helicopter tour is the best choice for visitors who want to see the world's highest peak (Mt Everest) and are not physically fit or do not have the time to go trekking. The Everest Base camp Helicopter Tour takes you from the Nepal, Kathmandu Tribhuvan Int...


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Australia: Wildlife Expedition

Explore Australia and Oceania's rich culture and diverse ecosystems over the course of a 20-day Wildlife Expedition. Start the adventure on the mainland in Sydney. Immerse into Aboriginal traditions and hands-on service work at the wildlife research station on North Stradbroke Island. Surf the Gold Coast, whale-watch at Hervey Bay, snorkel the Great Barrier Reef and contribute to its conservati...


Day Tours and Safaris: Durban, South Africa

Are you a nature lover? Are you a passionate advocate of travel? We share our love of life and expertise in traveling with you! We are a Durban-based tour company offering trips to off-the-beaten destinations across the coastal city and KwaZulu-Natal (KZN). Our tours have a maximum of four guests at any time. Cybele Eco Tours guarantees the highest standard of service to guests wishing to st...


7 days Adventure Namibia

Experience the adventure of a lifetime in Namibia - the country famous for a millions-of-years-old desert situated along the coast! For seven days, you will see the country’s stunning beauty. You will visit Namib Desert, which is one of the world’s oldest desert (with a history that dates back more than 55 million years!). Here, you will conquer some of the world’s highest dunes, which towe...


Adventure Travel/English

Do you long for adventure? Do you yearn to travel abroad? Does your English need improvement? Then, travel to South Africa and let The International English School (TIES) help you make these things possible. Based in Somerset West, TIES offers you a wonderful opportunity to experience an exhilarating adventure while improving your English! Dive with Great White Sharks, hike along the Otter T...