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Working Holiday or Farm Stay in Chile

Our working Holiday program is a great option for someone looking to experience Chile and learn Spanish while covering some of the expenses by working! You won’t receive a salary, but all Working Holiday programs provide free board (all of your meals) and lodging. In some cases, even compensation money. These unique programs are offered in the tourism sector and give you the opportunity to expl...


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Spanish Intensive Course

Academia Uruguay and Academia Buenos Aires are two partner schools under the same management as Academia Bariloche and offer you the possibility to continue your courses in Buenos Aires and on the other side of the Rio de la Plata. The course levels and materials are the same and so is the cost. Simply switch from one to the other every Monday.


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Explore the Diversity of China's Sichuan

From sparkling alpine lakes and soaring snow-capped mountains to deep bamboo forests and sprawling tea plantations as far as the eye can see – the landscapes in Sichuan promise to take your breath away. This is why this region, located in the Southwest of China, is justifiably often regarded as the most scenic of all regions in the country and many areas are just a few hour drive outside of its...


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Wilderness Guide Training

Training by a Licensed Guide Outfitter, it is what makes the difference in the quality of the guide in Adventure Tourism. We have been training wilderness guides since 1990. People from all over the world, from all walks of life, have graduated from our programs and have gone on to fill the employment needs of the adventure tourism industry throughout the world. Wilderness Guide Programs: H...


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Bear Tracking Project, Northern Sweden

The Bear Tracking Project offered by Working Abroad is ideal to those who have great interest in the natural world, especially tracking rare species and endangered ecosystems. For couples, retirees, families, nature trekkers, wildlife photographers, and all who are interested can grab this life-changing opportunity to discover nature and travel to a scenic country. Through this program, par...


Day Tours and Safaris: Durban, South Africa

Are you a nature lover? Are you a passionate advocate of travel? We share our love of life and expertise in traveling with you! We are a Durban-based tour company offering trips to off-the-beaten destinations across the coastal city and KwaZulu-Natal (KZN). Our tours have a maximum of four guests at any time. Cybele Eco Tours guarantees the highest standard of service to guests wishing to st...


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1 + 1 Work and Holiday Australia

Australia is known as one of the best-paying countries for professionals. Power your resumé with some Australian work experience while spending a holiday in this mesmerizing country. When it comes to lifestyle, Australia is incomparable. For eligible candidates, this will be a one-year work-and-holiday visa for Australia. We help you find a job, too. Our recruitment specialist will get you t...


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Spanish Language Immersion and Volunteer Programs

Centro Internacional de Idiomas y Cultura is more than just an organization that offers Spanish language and cultural immersion. The group also offers participants the opportunity to volunteer at an orphanage, help guide street children at risk, teach English in public schools and primary schools for disabled children, and participate in healthcare programs across the Honduras. Programs focu...