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Explore mangroves, reef formations, and marine wildlife at Los Haitises National Park and SamanĂ¡ peninsula. Get your hands dirty as you work on ecological restoration projects and learn from experts and communities about the efforts to maintain the extensive biodiversity of the region. Swim in hidden caverns to see ancient Taino cave paintings, and raft down the white water rapids of the Rio Ya...


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Descend into the cave by rappelling. Experience absolute darkness, feel the water between your feet as you pass through a river that turns into a tunnel you can decide to cross swimming or take an alternative route as hundreds of bats fly above you. Fun Fun Cave tour is an ecotourism and adventure tour in Dominican Republic that takes you back to the Stone Age. You will ride horse, walk thro...


Visions offers teenagers opportunities for ambitious service work and cross-cultural immersion in the United States and abroad. We work with and for intercultural communities that lack financial and other development resources. Through service, authentic experience, and active exploration, we encourage new perspectives and dynamic learning. Crushing poverty is a fact of life in the Dominica...