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A Guide to Adventure Travel in China

China is the world’s most populous nation, second largest country by land area, and one of the oldest continuous civilizations on earth. Furthermore, in just a few short decades, China has managed to push forward from a country in the early stages of infrastructural development to an emerging world superpower. From the Great Wall in the north to the Himalayas in the south, from the deserts in the west to the to the Pacific coastline of the east, adventure travel in China will expose you to a magnificent country and culture. Are you ready for a journey you’ll never forget?


Estimates put the population of China at roughly 1.3 billion people, more than the entire continental landscapes of Africa, Europe, or the Americas. China has been urbanizing rapidly throughout its recent boom in economic development, and today the country boasts over 100 cities with a population of at least 1 million people.

Beijing, the country’s capital for hundreds of years and a major global city, is a very popular destination to hit while you adventure travel in China. Beijing is a short bus ride away from the Great Wall, and hosts many great attractions itself, such as the Imperial City and Temple of Heaven.

Shanghai, China’s largest city and major hub of finance and commerce, is another place you will likely visit during your adventure travel in China. Shanghai is a booming port city which rose to prominence in the 19th century when China opened its door to global trade, and today is one of the most influential cities on earth.

Other top destinations you might visit while you adventure travel in China include Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Xi’an. Beyond these urban nodes, you will further discover the imposing landscapes of one of the most geographically and biologically diverse countries on earth. Or in other words, you’ll have an adventure!

Adventure Travel in China

China is far too big a country to encapsulate into the itinerary of a single trip, and so unsurprisingly the many different adventure travel programs in China will include a broad range of destinations and activities. Research a wide array of different program itineraries that spike your interest, and don’t hesitate to schedule some time on either end of your trip for independent travel, too. Most adventure travel programs in China last for a duration of a few weeks., with the options to shorten or extend your stay.

Some of the most popular activities you might embark on while you adventure travel in China include trekking, climbing, and caving while you are inland, and snorkeling, surfing, and fishing while you are on the Pacific coast. These are only a few examples of the many adventures you might undertake; the rest range anywhere from martial arts to cooking to dance!

Many adventure travel programs in China will also place special emphasis on preserving the country’s endangered natural habitats as you move around between locations. Through such means as eco tours, volunteering, and environmental education, you can learn all about the current challenges facing China’s development, and feel confident that you are leaving behind a positive contribution from your own travels.

Costs & Affordability

While China is an affordable country to travel for most, upfront program fees can be quite expensive, as they will cover the costs of transportation, meals, housing, activities, and other such basics of the trip. Of course, different adventure travel programs in China will vary in their affordability, so take the time to find one that fits well within your budget. The local currency in China is the yuan, which exchanges at about 6.5 CNY to $1 USD.

Accommodation & Visas

You will likely utilize a diversity of different accommodations as you adventure travel in China, ranging everywhere from higher-end hotels to camping outdoors under the stars. Because many parts of China are still developing, your accommodations in rural areas will often be less luxurious than in cities (i.e. no Wi-Fi, air conditioning, or hot water). Roughing it on the road is all a part of the adventure!

You will also usually need to apply for a visa in order to adventure travel in China, which is a fairly quick and simple process. Discuss with your program provider the details of what documentation you will need to obtain, and in the meantime check out our Embassy Directory to learn more amount China’s visa policy toward your home nation.

Benefits & Challenges

Eastern History. Especially if you are travelling to China from a Western country, you are in for a hugely educational experience learning all about this Asian power’s vast influence in continental and global affairs. China was once isolated from the rest of the world, but no longer.

Rising Power. China is also a country which continues to gain increasing influence on the global stage, and is a great place to explore while you’re young and have the freedom to do so. Locals are very open to and excited to learn from Western travellers.

Dramatic Landscapes. Beyond culture and history, the geography of China itself will enrapture you. Mountains, deserts, lakes, islands; the world’s second-largest country has it all.

Leaving home to travel in China will be a formative experience, where you come to a greater understanding about a land and culture that have long constituted one of the world’s great civilizations. Only the adventurous need apply.

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A Guide To
Adventure Travel in China


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