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A Guide to Canoe Adventures Abroad

Remember paddling around on the lake in a canoe when you were a kid at summer camp, feeling like Pocahontas? You’re in luck because all ages can enjoy canoe adventures year-round in streams, lakes, rivers, ponds, or whitewater for those frisky adventurers who want to see all the colors of the wind! Whether you plan to hang out at a popular fishing hole or a bird watching spot, or experience the thrill of maneuvering whitewater or racing competitively, canoe trips are a guaranteed adventure that you’ll enjoy anywhere in the world. Pack your travel canoe and get ready for the ride of your life!


Do you desire to travel to a location where you’ll row, row, row your canoe gently down the stream? Or would you rather wildly paddle it down the river? From tranquil destinations to extreme locations, the world is 70 percent water, so the choices are endless! Pick a destination that reflects your paddling goals and the memories you want to take home with you, and the best canoe trips will be at your pruny finger tips.

Ride elephants, observe wildlife, view beautiful snow-capped mountains, not to mention ogle at Mt. Everest, during Nepal canoeing adventures! Visit UNESCO World Heritage sites of Kathmandu Valley, like Boudhanath Stupa, Pashupatinath Temple, and Kathmandu Durbar Square. You might just pick up some Nepali phrases as you explore this this riveting destination!

Learn wildlife tracking and bush skills while on canoe trips deep in the heart of Africa. Explore the African bush of Botswana around the myriad of channels, lagoons, and islands of the Okavango Delta, or paddle down the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe, which carves out Victoria Falls. That’s one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the world! You might even pick up some Swahili from the locals.

Visit the islands of the Tuscan archipelago, the coast of Argentario, and the Natural Park of Maremma on a canoeing adventure in Italy. In your free time, learn to speak Italian, enjoy  horseback riding, trekking, or cycling through the green paths of coastal Maremma and in the islands of Tuscany. With its rich culture, history, and beautiful natural environments, Italy has something to offer everyone.

Canoe Trips Abroad

Your adrenaline will start pumping before you even place your paddle in the water once you begin researching all of the program opportunities abroad that include canoeing adventures. Whether you plan to go with your family, a group, or alone, with a little research you’ll find a program that meets your needs. An ancient mode of transportation no more, canoes come in many styles depending on desired use and experience level. Depending on duration, location, price range, and size of the group, plenty of program packages will suit any water-loving, adventure travel junkie.

Wildlife Tracking & Bush Skills. If you are the more adventurous, adrenaline junkie type, sign up for a program canoeing in a jungle setting. Paddle 46 miles down the Zambezi River and camp amongst thriving wildlife, or find out what you are made of practicing your bush skills by poling a mokoro (traditional dug-out canoe) from island to island. These trips combine wildlife training, education, ecology skills, endurance, and plenty of paddle time.

High School Students. Wondering where to take your high school senior trip? You are almost adults now, so why not break away from the typical Disneyland or beach experience and book a one to two week canoeing adventure in a remote wilderness abroad with your classmates?! You’ll enjoy a remote wilderness experience filled with canoeing, camping, education, and personal growth. In the end, you’ll walk away from the experience with a bigger sense of the world, your peers, and yourselves, so prepare yourself to begin the next stage of life.

Family Adventures. For families looking for a relaxing getaway on the water, what better way to reconnect with each other than to take a five day wilderness excursion abroad together? Unplug the electronics and take a trip down a lazy river in a dugout canoe with your kids. Everyone will enjoy the scenic views and wildlife on the banks in their natural habitats, and ultimately be reminded that there is more to life than checking Facebook every ten minutes.

Language. Are you a student or young adult who is a sports junkie, a traveler, AND a bookworm? Luckily, there are adventure programs just for you! Elizabeth Gilbert romanticized the idea of learning Italian while living in Rome in “Eat, Pray, Love,” but her other idea of adventure was seeing how much food she could eat while there. You, on the other hand, want to stay fit while learning to speak the language of love. If so, get your fill of canoeing and learn to speak a foreign language at the same time by signing up for a nature and sports program abroad. Spend your mornings in a classroom setting immersing yourself in a new language followed by an afternoon of canoeing activities with a personal instructor.

The best time of the year to go canoeing will vary depending on the climate of the country you plan to visit. Most companies offer programs year-round, but be sure to check the details of the location you are interested in most because no two programs are the same. 

Tips & Advice for Canoe Travel

The best advice when preparing for your canoeing adventure abroad is to pack light! You will most likely be outdoors the majority of the time, so leave the hair dryer, make-up, and accessories at home. Since equipment such as canoes, paddles, and life vests will most likely be provided, you really only need the bare essentials. Rain gear, dry socks, and medicine will be good to have. The less stuff you have to keep up with, the more time you have to enjoy your experience.

As with any travel experience, you need to consider finances when booking your canoeing program abroad. Typical canoeing adventure travel program costs include transit within the country, gear, food, and accommodations with the booking fee. Depending on the program you choose and duration, expect to pay between $500-2000 up front. However, be sure you check with the individual company and read the fine print because no two companies are the same.

You’ll also need to consider additional costs, such as airfare to and from your destination, souvenirs, and unexpected items or emergencies. If this is your first experience abroad, consider the cost of visas or passports required as well. And let’s face it, traveling is not cheap. If you are low on funding, consider creating a FundMyTravel fundraising platform to help gain support to fund your travel experience. Also, don’t forget to search the GoAbroad Embassy Directory in your destination country.

Benefits & Challenges

No matter what location or destination you choose, the rewards of booking a canoeing adventure travel program abroad will have you wondering why you didn't book this trip sooner! You’ll gain knowledge of a new country and culture, new skills pertaining to canoeing in a different environment, new friends you will make along the way, a newfound feeling of freedom, and a realization that the world is a really big place.

Everything involved with traveling to a new county and planning an adventure in the great outdoors can be challenging and a bit overwhelming. However, facing fears and stepping outside of your comfort zone into the great outdoors will be rewarding and satisfying. Plus, just think about how envious your friends back home will be when you tell them about your exciting adventures abroad that they only dream about and you actually lived. #winning

Get rowing. Get going. You don’t want to be caught up the creek without a paddle, do you? “Canoe” think of more puns, or are these puns hurting your oars? Sign up for an adventure program canoeing abroad today and create a meaningful travel experience that is just right for you. Your adventure abroad in the great outdoors is just around the riverbend!

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A Guide To
Canoe Adventures Abroad


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