Adventure Travel in Canada

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Adventure Travel in Canada

The adventure of a lifetime awaits you in the Great White North. Canada is not only the second largest country in the world, but with a population of only 36 million citizens, it is one of the most sparsely populated as well, making it a haven for nature lovers and outdoor adventurers of all different interests. Replete with friendly locals, beautiful landscapes, and diverse ecosystems, embarking to adventure travel in Canada is the chance to escape from routine and chase some adrenaline in the vast northern wilderness.


Bordering the Atlantic Ocean to the east, the Pacific Ocean to the west, the Arctic Ocean to the north, and the United States to the south, Canada encompasses a mammoth territory of nearly 4 million square miles, making it officially the world’s second largest country after Russia. Canada is further home to eight distinct forest ecosystems, several imposing mountain ranges including the Canadian Rockies, and over 2 million lakes, more than any other in the world.

The vast majority of Canada’s population lives in the southernmost region of the country, where the weather is warmest year-round. During your adventure travel program in Canada it is likely that you will visit cities such as Toronto, the country’s largest city and man center of global activity, Montreal, the largest French-speaking city in Canada and a close eastern neighbor of Toronto, and Vancouver, which is the country’s major western outpost and considered one of the most livable cities in the world.

When you are not visiting the major cities while you adventure travel in Canada, you will be off exploring the tremendous diversity of wilderness in Canada’s backyard. The further north you travel, the less habitable becomes the land, so expect to spend most of your trip adventuring about the country’s southern regions.

Adventure Travel in Canada

As you might expect from a country of Canada’s size and biodiversity, there are a tremendous amount of outdoor activities that are available to undertake. While different adventure travel programs in Canada will have varying itineraries, some of the most popular outings in the country include backpacking, cycling, rafting, and fishing, among many others. Be sure to look into a wide selection of programs to find what feels like the best fit for you!

Many programs will also be especially focused on the environment, taking special care to give participants the opportunity to learn about and care for their natural surroundings as they adventure travel in Canada. Activities such as volunteering and eco tours are popular within this realm, on top of the many other outings you might undertake as part of a normal adventure travel program in Canada.

Most adventure travel programs in Canada last for a few weeks, and some will give you the opportunity to shorten or lengthen the duration of the trip according to your preferences and availability. There’s a whole lot to do in Canada, so don’t hesitate to schedule some free time on either end of your trip for independent travel, too!

Costs & Affordability

Adventure travel programs in Canada can be costly, though most of your expenses for the duration of the trip will be covered in the upfront program fees. With an advanced economy and highly developed infrastructure, Canada itself is a fairly expensive country as well. You’ll further likely want to be some pocket money to spend on entertainment and souvenirs while you are abroad; the local currency is the Canadian dollar, which exchanges at roughly 1.3 CAD to 1$USD.

Accommodation & Visas

Because you’ll usually be moving around frequently, you will stay at a variety of different accommodations while you adventure travel in Canada. These can range in everything from standard hotels and inns to more rugged accommodations like ranches or campsites, so be sure to take these different housing situations into account while you’re researching different program itineraries.

Citizens of many countries will be able to enter the country visa-free while they adventure travel in Canada and stay for up to three months. Others may have to apply for a travel visa ahead of time; for more information on your individual circumstances, check out our Canadian Embassy Directory.

Benefits & Challenges

Open Terrain. To give some perspective, Canada is the second-largest country on earth and the ninth-least populated. Get ready to experience the vast northern wilderness for yourself.

Friendly Locals. Friendliness is perhaps the single most famous cultural characteristic of the Canadians. It is a peaceful, progressive country where people are genuinely nice.

Summer Loving. Because Canada is so cold for a large part of the year, summertime takes on an extra-special feeling there. Summer was meant to be spent in the great outdoors!

Embarking to adventure travel in Canada is the opportunity to let go of the stressors of everyday life and go off to explore a truly special outdoor terrain. A wild journey lies ahead!

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Adventure Travel in Canada


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