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Mobile Library Volunteering in Belgium with IVHQ

Volunteers on the Mobile Library project aim to provide a recreational outlet for the refugee community in Brussels and people who are living on the streets. The library travels to different locations around the city each day, enabling refugees and homeless people to check out books, grab a cup of coffee and interact with others while browsing through the library collections. The library also a...


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UWP Global - The Most Unique Way to Experience the World

Travel with a purpose, Perform for thousands, and Impact communities... at Up with People we don't just say it, we live it! Participants in the Up with People program travel for 22 weeks beginning in January or July of each year, participating in various community service projects, performing a dynamic musical show and experiencing a global education curriculum. * International Travel and H...


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Live & Learn Dutch in the Flanders Region

The Flanders region is the Dutch-speaking northern part of Belgium. The largest and most well known city in Flanders is Brussels. This European region has endless tales of history behind it and is world renowned for its stunning architecture, museums, cathedrals and canals. There are 23 million native speakers, and another 5 million that speak Dutch as a second language! While not one of th...