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A Guide to Adventure Travel in the Bahamas

What do pigs, sandy beaches, and flamingos have in common? Other than being pink, they are all found in the Bahamas! Far more than relaxing afternoons spent on the beach beside crystal clear waters (although that does sound incredible), these islands offer adventure, marine life, and amazing tan lines that you don’t want to turn down. If you’re ready for adrenaline-rich activities intermingled with lazy sunsets, dive on down for Bahamas adventures.


Actually a collection of over 350 islands (although only 40 are populated), it’s no wonder why adventure travel in the Bahamas has so much to offer. There’s jealousy-inspiring photo opps for everyone: beach bums, rainforest enthusiasts, deep sea divers, and animal lovers. Just be careful to not stray too far and get lost in the Bermuda Triangle (unless that’s the kind of adventure you’re looking for).

New Providence, in the heart of the Bahamas, has the capital city of Nassau and is a great spot for many travel adventures. Dive into the many cultural histories of the country in places like Parliament Square, Fort Charlotte, and the shipwrecked remains of pirate ships before relaxing with a bit of Sky Juice and conch fritters. Water sports, dolphins, and stingrays will satisfy your adventure thrills, while a walk through Primeval Forest National Park and a quick hop to neighboring Eleuthera for pink sand beaches will attract more Instagram followers than there are islands in the Bahamas.

If you prefer flippers to flip flops, head to Long Island. The southern island is almost completely surrounded by spectacular snorkeling spots where you can seek out turtles, parrotfish, and more amongst the coral. Past the coral reefs are reef sharks and more adventures for divers and ocean enthusiasts, including the famous Dean’s Blue Hole.

Great Exuma and Little Exuma are wildlife wonders and homes to the adorable swimming pigs of Big Major Cay. The starfish reserve and conch-shell diving are also great water activity options, before taking in a beautiful Bahama sunset on Pelican Beach. Still want more? With some grapes, you can make friends with the iguanas of Allen’s Cay and then jump into the nurse shark-infested waters of Compass Cay. Grab your sunblock (and maybe a couple of bandaids) and get going!

Adventures in the Bahamas

Perfectly-clear water and diverse sea life makes it pretty obvious why adventure travel programs in the Bahamas are a water wonderland. A trip to the islands can be a relaxing getaway filled with sun and sand, an aquatic petting zoo dream come true, or an adrenaline filled adventure of boating and diving. The choice is yours, and there are no bad choices in paradise.

Money in the Bahamas comes from tourism, so the only difficulty in finding a good tour, cruise, or vacation package lies in the fact that there are so many good ones to chose from. Mix and match to create a blend of food tours, sailing trips, and beach activities like snorkeling or horseback riding that’s just right for you, or manage yourself and live on island time.

Programs and homestays are also available to make your trip to the Bahamas feel like more than a vacation. Earn or use your scuba certification, study and protect the diverse ecology of the islands, or help local schools and businesses in exchange for room and board. Whatever you choose, the beach will never be far. The official language of the island is English and the blue skies make for a friendly environment, so trouble will not be a part of your trip!

Costs & Affordability

Beautiful beaches and perfect pictures come with a cost, and that cost varies depending on your stay and your style. Resorts and vacation packages can supply you with amazing rooms, food, and activities, but the dream vacation price tag can cause nightmares. Bahamas adventures can mean budget hotels and homestays if you’re looking to cut costs. However, these might be farther away from your snorkeling spot. Keep a lookout for deals and ways to save to keep your trip stress-free.

To minimize daily spendings, indulge in local food dishes of fish and fresh fruit and stay away from American and British restaurants chains. Look closely at your receipts to see if a service charge was already added to your bill or if you need to tip to avoid overpaying. Stick to local markets and smaller restaurants if you need to save a few bucks, especially if you plan to visit several islands: long ferry trips between islands run about $45, but efficient flights won’t break the bank with enough pre-planning.

Unfortunately, the most expensive parts about adventure travel in the Bahamas are the amazing activities. Fishing trips, snorkeling, and swimming with sea lions can cost $150 each, so it’s strongly advised to plan ahead and set a budget. Inclusive tours and packages might be able to reduce some costs without reducing your fun, or try innovative methods like Fund My Travel to cut some of those money-spending fears.

Accommodations & Visas

Paradise on Earth has never been more accessible. Other than figuring out how to score a cheap plane ticket, the tourism-oriented industry of the Bahamas ensures that there’s always a bed available, a friendly tourist office to offer advice, and as least bureaucratic paperwork hassle as possible.

Whether you’re looking for a five-star resort hotel or a private room to rent, you won’t have trouble finding a bed under a roof in the Bahamas. Bonus: almost all of them have beach views, if not a beach backyard! Modern amenities are the norm, because it wouldn’t be paradise without WiFi, but do plan on drinking bottled water if you’re staying in the Out Islands. Prices range from $10 dorm rooms to villas on celebrity budgets, so consider what you actually need and where you’ll be spending most of your time.

Traveling to and from the Bahamas is as easy as having a passport. The islands don’t require an entry visa for travelers from the U.S. or Canada and many other countries, but it’s important to check with your local embassy and the GoAbroad Bahamas Embassy page to be sure.

Benefits & Challenges

It’s no wonder that five million people travel to have Bahamas adventures each year, when you look at the unique, one-of-a-kind adventures that take place there. Where else can you swim with pigs, pet stingrays, walk on pink sand, and scuba dive through shipwrecks, all in the same country? A Bahamas vacation can’t be recreated anywhere else, even though many people automatically group all Caribbean beaches into the same category. Visit to find unique quirks and special features in a country with history and culture stretching for beyond pirates and rum.

Lounging on beaches, snorkeling, and swimming with colorful animals adds up to a lot of time in the sun. Remember to wear sunscreen so that you go home with a stunning tan, not a painful sunburn. Be sure to seek out environmentally-friendly formulas to help protect both your skin and the coral reefs. With tourism buzzing high year-round, it’s important to remember to leave nothing but footprints in the sand, which the waves will erase overnight. This way, picturesque adventures can be enjoyed by all, many years to come.

It’s time to trade the office clock for island time, suits and ties for swimsuits and sun hats. More than that: it’s time for a beach vacation that offers so much more than just a beach. Set your ships sail for adventures in the Bahamas!

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