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Europe Tour with Gapforce

The ultimate European adventure every June and July travelling safely and comfortably between cities via train so you have the maximum time exploring. Do not miss out on the experience of a lifetime and friends for life! Do not travel alone, join our fun group every June and July to explore Europe with our UK leader. We use trains to speed us safely and comfortably between cities so you have t...


Westcoast Connection | Austria Summer 2018

Charming. Beautiful. Thrilling. Romantic. Delicious. On your Westcoast Connection Global Adventure to Austria this summer, you will be amazed how one place can have all of these things. Due to its location in the Alps, Austria has a highly mountainous terrain, a dramatic landscape and oodles of glorious scenery. Visit Vienna, the capital city, where you will tour Schonbrunn Palace, feast on l...


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TFT for Older Teens: Prague, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia

Join Europe for Older Teens: Prague, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia - a 15-day adventure to four beautiful and historic European countries. Designed for teens ages 16-18 and in 11th or 12th grade, it is a fun combination of outdoor adventure and city tours. You will love the whole experience if you seek classic destinations, as well as some of the best kept secrets in Europe! Go back in time ...


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Weekend trip to Budapest, Vienna, and Salzburg!

Internal conflict and expansionist ambitions might have led to the dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, but timeless beauty and rich cultural heritage still resonate through Austria and Hungary. You will have the chance to witness the history and other aspects of the former Empire on a weekend trip that covers two countries, two capitals, and three cities. Prepare to be in awe at bot...