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Meet The GoAbroad Team

The GoAbroad team not only believes in cultural exchange, we experience it everyday. With offices in Fort Collins, Colorado as well as Tacloban City, Philippines, our team is comprised of two very different cultures, which together have evolved into one distinct corporate culture that propels GoAbroad’s mission forward. The wildly talented GoAbroad team works around the clock to innovate, create, and share the best meaningful travel resources and opportunities with travelers everywhere.

Learn more about each incredible GoAbroad team member below, and find out how they’ve made GoAbroad.com what it is today.


Kayla Patterson

Chief Operating Officer

Kayla is passionate about international travel, organizing (just about anything), and marketing. With a degree in Business Administration and Marketing from Colorado State University in hand, Kayla has worked with the GoAbroad team and dozens of other international educators to improve their online marketing since 2011, and now plays an integral role in overseeing strategy and operations for GoAbroad and our various projects. She’s an avid traveler that is currently fulfilling her dream of living abroad in the Philippines.

Nikki Powers

Chief Commercial Officer

Nikki earned her degree in History from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and studied abroad in Santiago, Chile for six months. In her role as CCO she focuses on GoAbroad’s strategy, business development, and partner relations. Nikki is a founding and active member of the Global Leadership League and also serves on the advisory board for Lessons From Abroad. She is passionate about women in leadership, entrepreneurialism, and impact. Outside of international education, Nikki serves on the advisory board of her local Boys & Girls Club, an organization she volunteered with for one year through Americorps.

Czarisse Daphne Dolina

Chief Technology Officer

Daphne began working for GoAbroad as a beginner programmer almost immediately after completing her degree in Computer Science. After more than a decade of development, Daphne now serves as GoAbroad’s irreplaceable CTO. Leading a diverse team of developers at the office, she looks forward to every opportunity to promote international travel and education by attending international conferences. In her free time, Daphne enjoys exploring the beauty of the Philippines more than 7,000 islands, and beyond.

Elsa Thomasma-Alingasa

SEM & Content Executive

Elsa took her first solo trip abroad to volunteer in the Philippines nearly 10 years ago. After earning bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Sociology, hopping across the pond a few times, and contemplating graduate school, she moved to the Philippines to live full time and work for GoAbroad. Elsa spends her time at the office optimizing content strategies and nerding out over Google Analytics. Staying true to her philanthropic roots, she also serves as Director of GoAbroad's charitable nonprofit, the GoAbroad Foundation.

Analiza Aranas

Senior Vice President of Partner Relations

Analiza graduated with degree in Business Administration from the University of San Carlos in Cebu City. Joining the team in 2006, she is responsible for maintaining and expanding GoAbroad’s partnerships. Analiza has travelled throughout Southeast Asia, Australia, and Canada, and she has become a familiar face on the International Education circuit, as she regularly attends the annual NAFSA conference. Outside of work, Analiza takes pride in being a devoted wife, sister, and daughter, and of course, mother of two beautiful children, whom remain her biggest source of inspiration.

Clyde Alegro

Vice President of Design

Clyde earned his Computer Science degree at the University of the Philippines - Tacloban. Shortly after he began working in computer programming, he realized his immense desire to integrate more creativity into his work and decided to slowly transition toward a more design-focused career, which ultimately brought him to GoAbroad. Clyde has become the cornerstone of the design team as VP of Design, spearheading GoAbroad’s visual aesthetics for nearly a decade.

Jonas Apurillo

Vice President of Information Technology

Jonas worked as an I.T. consultant for a number of companies before joining the GoAbroad team in 2013. Over the past few years, he has grown fond of the laidback, productive nature of the office, which contrasts the technically complicated nature of his job, leaving him happy and content as the VP of Information Technology for GoAbroad.

Carla Cinco

Content Management Director

Carla is a Computer Science graduate who happened upon the field of international education seemingly by chance. After discovering the world outside of computers through her work at GoAbroad, she has found many exciting ways to fulfill her passion for new experiences. As Content Management Director, Carla spends her days at the office serving GoAbroad’s partners and users in almost every way possible.

Megan Lee


Megan considers herself an international educator, traveler, and writer. After graduating from Valparaiso University in Indiana, with degrees in Chinese and Economics, in 2010, she high-tailed it abroad and hasn't looked back since. When she isn’t working with GoAbroad’s talented group of writers or attempting to master SEO, Megan can be found enjoying the Colorado sunshine with friends.

Michael Belles

GoAbroad HQ Manager

Michael joined the GoAbroad team in 2017 as the product manager of GoAbroad HQ, our specialty CRM software for international education. With a degree in International Business from Emory University, Michael has spent time working with sustainable businesses fighting poverty around the globe. He’s especially interested in helping grow the business of our environmentally and socially conscious partners. When he’s not working on HQ, he’s probably on his bike or hanging out with his wife and cat.

Troy Peden

President & Founder

Troy earned his master’s degree in International Studies at the University of Colorado. He began design and research for GoAbroad.com while heading the study abroad office at CU Denver in the early 90s. In addition to his contributions to the field of international education, Troy has helped establish and direct several non-profit organizations across the globe. His extensive travel experience includes time studying, working, and volunteering throughout Europe and Russia, Latin America, Asia, and most recently, East Africa.

Meet The Rest Of The Team

Belle Rosario

Content Administrator

Desiree Blanco

Executive Assistant

Ferlie Penido

Web Developer Apprentice

Jenerey Anover

Web Developer Apprentice

Jude Baguinang

Web Developer Apprentice

Lyser Alison Gagarin

Partner Relations Representative

Ralph Devaras

Web Developer Apprentice

Analou Igmen

Partner Relations Representative

Blessie Millos

Content Marketing Assistant

Eduardo Young

Web Designer

Christopher Cinco

Web Developer

Crispina Reynera

Partner Relations Lead & Newsletter Editor

Daisyrie Dumali

Web Developer

Dana Marie Paler

Assistant Content Editor

Elaine Medalla

Content Administrator & Reviews Assistant

Eloise Chrystin Bercero

Senior Web Designer

Jareinne Lagarto

Web Developer

Jefanyl Alura

HR & Finance Director

Joel Tan

Lead Content Editor

John Morris Gicain

Senior Web Designer

John Temoty Roca

Web Developer

Joy Amor Moreno

Social Media Community Manager

Kristine Joyce Tamayo

Partner Relations Lead

Kathy Lou Aurelia

Partner Relations Lead

Kristel Rapada

Customer Service Representative

Lorraine Suralta

Content Administrator

Mabelle Lim

Customer Service Manager

Maima Merin

Partner Relations Representative

Mary Grace Avenido

HR Officer

Mercy Honor

Senior Web Developer

Michelle Tonido

Customer Service Representative

Nherrisa Mae Celeste

Senior Web Developer

Peachy Jean Nerja

Partner Relations Lead

Rachael VanDerWerff

Operations Manager - U.S.

Ritchie Moris Paler

Junior System Administrator

Rochelle Ibañez

Partner Relations Representative

Vanessa Melreen Sia

Partner Relations Assistant