Volunteer Abroad in United States

99 Volunteer Abroad Programs in United States


Kalani is Hawaii's largest retreat center, one of the best-loved centers in the world for more than 35 years. Visitors from around the world come for our personal and group yoga retreats and our colorful mix of performing arts, nature, adventure, and diverse programming.

Community Service in the U.S.: Make the World a Better Place

360 Student travel provides significant volunteer experience in United States. Typical program duration is from two to four weeks, with rolling dates from June twenty-fifth to August second. Participants work as a team during service days and receive a certificate of completion for the hours spent on accomplished projects. The organization was established in 1982 and focuses on the enrichment o...

United Planet

Develop your knowledge of the American culture while taking part in community service programs in Boston with United Planet. Participants may choose from a wide array of volunteer types including Arts, Community Development, and Social Work. Participation is limited to American and Canadian citizens.

Volunteer with Global Vision International

Global Vision International (GVI) offers volunteering programs in the United States, where participants get the chance to live in one of the most influential countries on the globe, while working on highly rewarding projects. Volunteers may work with a social enterprise, experience real-world problems and develop solutions. By the end of the program, participants may be ready to launch their v...

Rustic Pathways

Work to rebuild homes and discover the unique culture of New Orleans or learn about desert farming and visit the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

Visions Service Adventures

Volunteer with VISIONS in the United States and work in under-resourced communities. Work with Native Americans in Montana, a small African American community in coastal Mississippi, or on building projects in the wilderness of Alaska.

Earthwatch Institute

Earthwatch offers several programs in different locations in the US. Help protect various endangered animals and help piece together life in the Ice Age at a truly mammoth site. Volunteer in the United States with Earthwatch.

Grow Your Career with Endeavor Internship Programs

Imagine working in a multinational company, creating life long friendships, and embracing an amazing cultural experience. Endeavor provides you with all of this and more. Endeavor Internship program is a leading professional development program gearing individuals to launch a successful global career. Motivated individuals gain practical work experience from leading companies, in addition to g...

Travellers Worldwide

Travellers Worldwide offers an exciting volunteering program in the United States. Participants can tend to rescued wild horses. They will work in a center that is home to around 30 horses that were nursed back to health.

Travel For Teens

Come see the USA like never before. Along the way, you'll get to help out the local community as you participate in meaningful service projects and come to see another side of these famous places.

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