Volunteer Abroad in Scotland

8 Volunteer Abroad Programs in Scotland

Scottish Highlands Wildlife Conservation

The Scottish Highlands is one of the last wild places in Nothern Europe. However after many centuries of destruction it is in need of your help. Fronteering is joining efforts to help preserve and the Scottish Highlands and it's wildlife. Have the opportunity to work in Amazing sceneries and help protect the environment and species like Sea eagles, Golden Eagles, otters, beavers and the Europea...

Travel For Teens

We have crafted our unique programs to engender love for travel, hunger for learning, curiosity about differences, appreciation of similarities across cultures, and an understanding of what it means to be a global citizen. We look forward to traveling with you!

City Travel Review

City Travel Review has 2 programs in 2 different locations. Programs are offered in Germany and Scotland

World Choice Education

Live in Scotland for up to 6 months as a volunteer. World Choice Education has volunteer programs located in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Findhorn, and other cities. Volunteers may be assigned in different projects involving Animal Welfare, Conservation, and Agriculture, among others. Participants may study English, immerse with the culture, and travel across the country during their stay. Programs are...