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204 Volunteer Abroad Programs in Nepal

Affordable Volunteering in Nepal: Costs from USD250!

International Volunteer HQ offers responsible and highly affordable volunteer abroad programs in Nepal. Living and working in Pokhara, Chitwan, and Kathmandu, these locations encompass a variety of natural diversity and offer unique outdoor activities and rich culture. Participants can work in Childcare, Teaching, and Remote Health placements, and hospital-based Medical Elective placements.

Volunteer in Nepal
Global Volunteer Network

Complete a valuable volunteer program with Global Volunteer Network and learn more about the way of life in Nepal. With two choices to select from, participants can partake in community service projects in Kathmandu. Projects range from Animal Welfare to Childcare and Public Education.

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Make a REAL difference in Nepal – From just US$195!

Thousands of volunteers have trusted Love Volunteers with their travel and volunteer aspirations. Love Volunteers provides participants with the chance to experience new cultures while helping those in real need. Join us for a voluntary service project in Nepal that is affordable, responsible, and safe! Check out our programs!

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ELI Abroad - From $285 and the Himalayas at your door!

Join other volunteers helping Nepal’s children in one of our youth programs. ELI Abroad offers support for youth centers, teaching opportunities at primary and secondary schools as well as at monasteries, where volunteers teach young monks-in-training. Programs include housing with other volunteers in Kathmandu’s fun Thamel neighborhood.

Picture of students taken in Nepal
Mystical Nepal: Volunteering and Memories for Life

Join our service learning programs in Nepal and immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience of endearing multicultural exchange, positive impact, and global awareness. In Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, or Chitwan Valley, your efforts will help our grassroots projects achieve their goals of improving the quality of life in a community through EFL teaching, conservation, and social development.

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Volunteer in Nepal with Projects Abroad

Give back to Nepalese communities through Projects Abroad international volunteer placements in Nepal. Volunteers live for three months or more in the city of Kathmandu, experiencing the unique and vibrant Nepalese culture through helping the needy and the less fortunate. This program is open to all nationalities.

Global Vision International

Global Vision International (GVI) provides interested volunteers a chance to do service in Nepal. Participants can immerse themselves in Nepalese culture, learning the local language and joining exciting excursions, all while making a difference in the community.

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Vounteer in Nepal with Kaya Responsible Travel

Experience Nepal through Kaya Responsible Travel. Volunteers may specialize in fields such as Community Development, Public Health, and Journalism, and work as assistants in community building projects, local hospitals, or even media outlets. Placements are available in rural areas of Nepal, just outside the capital of Kathmandu. Programs typically last two to four weeks and are open to partici...

Volunteer in Nepal starting at USD200 Only

Engage in community service projects in Nepal with Volunteering Solutions. There are ten volunteer programs provided in and around the country's capital city of Kathmandu, ranging from teaching English, working with children in an orphanage, and even assisting in medical clinics and hospitals. Volunteer placements are offered throughout the year.

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Affordable Volunteer Abroad Programs: from USD180

Volunteer in the mountainous nation of Nepal with CrossContinental. Volunteers can teach in schools, help at local orphanages, or assist medical professionals. Placements are available in many cities, including Kathmandu, Nuwakot, and other rural areas. Programs are available throughout the year with flexible start dates.

Volunteer in Nepal

API offers a wonderful opportunity to volunteer in Nepal. A minimum of two weeks includes a week orientation to help you familiarize yourself with the culture, lifestyle, language, people, food, attitude, habits, and environment. Then start your volunteer project by teaching or tutoring English, assisting in an orphanage or elder home, social welfare, or doing a constructio…

Volunteer Abroad in Nepal with A Broader View!

Be awed by the mountain peaks in Nepal, home to Mount Everest, on a trip with A Broader View. There are many projects available for individuals, families, and couples who want to gain a meaningful experience together. Placements are available at a local children's home with over 300 children ranging from infant to 17 years old. Locations include Patan, Kathmandu, and Bhaktapur.

Himalayan Education Lifeline Programme

HELP is seeking idealistic and competent teachers and medical staff to work in Nepal. Many of these projects are located in remote rural areas, so self-sufficient people are especially welcome!

GoEco - Volunteer Abroad in Nepal

Volunteers can explore spiritual Nepal by teaching English to Buddhist monks. They can also gain insight into the Buddhist religion or engage in meaningful projects that touch the lives of the underprivileged people of Kathmandu, Nepal.

Volunteer in Nepal with Frontier

Experience the mystical country of Nepal and take part in various sustainable projects that help improve the lives of locals. Provided by Frontier, these volunteer programs include placements in the areas of community development, childcare, and health care. Placements are available in Kathmandu and some rural areas.

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Volunteering Abroad in Nepal

International volunteers often choose a destination for both the need and their desire to experience the place. Nepal is a National Geographic photo waiting to be taken in every direction you look, but it is also a great destination for volunteering abroad. The combination of economic underdevelopment in the country, plus amazing geographic diversity, screams eco-volunteer projects. The amazing wildlife of the Terrai region, from elephants and tigers to rare rhinos, makes wildlife volunteering in Nepal a great option too. Finally, the unfortunate massive poverty among the Nepalese people brings countless opportunities to volunteer abroad in Nepal in community development and social work.

Life in Nepal

It’s not an exaggeration to call Nepal a feast for the senses. The contrast of brightly colored saris, in marketplaces full of colorful and aromatic spices, with the bluest sky slashed by the most dramatic peaks in the world, all contribute to the sensory overload. The smell of incense burning everywhere, the Buddhist chants, the monkeys surrounding the stupas, funeral pyres on the river — all are unfamiliar and exotic to the senses.

But as exquisite as the country may be, it is balanced by extreme hardship. Nepal is one of the few countries in the world where the men outlive the women. This is in part due to hard work, and partly due to the constant cooking over wood fires in poorly ventilated homes. Other respiratory problems plague the people of Nepal. The country has ten percent of the world’s hydropower potential, which is unharnessed. Motorcycle cabs spew black clouds in Kathmandu. Open sewage and garbage litter the streets. Men, women, children, and the elderly work long, hard hours in quarries breaking rock into gravel and inhaling the stone dust all day long.

Nepal is recovering from decades of Maoist insurgents, and the remnants of those conflicts still persist, in the form of orphans and devastated villages. Some villages still pressure girls to stay home from school, and the government social welfare system is a net full of holes. Children in need are often left to for-profit orphanages and work programs. Young women and girls are often lured or kidnapped into prostitution in neighboring India. Village schools are incredibly overcrowded, with more than one child sitting on a chair. This is a beautiful country filled with a need for international volunteers.

The rare tiger and rhino live on the fringes of existence in the tropical Terrai region. A huge number of backpackers from all over the world invades the trekking circuit, bringing with them their culture (and sometimes their garbage). The Nepalese royal family has recently been removed from power, replaced by a often fragile government. The caste system is still faintly visible through surnames, customs, and socio-economic stratification. These are a few of the contemporary challenges Nepal faces.

Still, Nepal is beautiful and the Nepalese are smiling. The music is rich with long ballads played on ancient instruments, like the sarangi and the tabla. Modern Bollywood blares from shops and homes. The dance ranges from ancient dances to modern Indian choreography. Intricately painted tankhas created painstakingly by Buddhist monks demonstrate the remarkable patience the religion has instilled in the people. While Nepal is officially a Hindu country, much of the population is Buddhist or both. Nepal is an incredibly tolerant place where two major world religions coexist peacefully within a single home or individual.

Volunteering Abroad in Nepal

Contradictions of beauty and poverty make volunteering in Nepal a bigger-than-usual service experience.

Health Care Clinics. One of the most popular types of volunteer work in Nepal is health care volunteering, which typically comes in two varieties. The first option is volunteering in an existing health clinic, which might either be in a larger city or in a small village. There is a constant need for health care workers — from professional doctors and nurses, to medical or nursing students, to undergraduates who work in triage, pharmacy distribution, or health education and outreach.

The second type of healthcare volunteering in Nepal is in medical relief clinics or camps. Camps are temporary and typically set up by a local NGO or an international volunteer organization. Usually the medical camp announces their visit in advance, brings in a coalition of healthcare workers, and then treat the public for all their health needs. Medical camps see everything from the most mild complaints to major life-threatening illnesses, and are both exhilarating and exhausting.

Individuals who choose to volunteer abroad in Nepal will find themselves in scenarios that they may never see back home, and medical volunteering in Nepal specifically is sure to be eye-opening, empowering, heart-wrenching, and a major career and life learning opportunity. 

Environmental Projects & Conservation. Eco-projects may be less popular than health-care volunteering in Nepal, but the need is just as great. There are a variety of potential volunteer placements in Nepal for people interested in wildlife and environmental projects. The infrastructure is not always prepared to support these projects, but many providers have been successful finding local NGOs with shared missions. Interesting conservation volunteer programs in Nepal include elephant breeding in Chitwan and tree planting in Pokhara.

Child Welfare Projects. Volunteering with children in Nepal most typically comes in the form of orphanage or child care work. Before you commit to volunteer abroad in Nepal, investigate the program provider and be sure they have vetted the placement project. Many orphanages are not “orphanages” in the western sense, as the children may have living parents but are abandoned, runaways, street children, or outcasts. Many of these are private businesses and should be avoided.

You should be prepared to undergo a background check to conduct volunteer work with children in Nepal. Roll up your sleeves — while you may feel that reading books and playing soccer with kids is all you have to offer, the center will likely need your dishwashing and laundry skills as well.

Education and Teaching Programs. This type of volunteer placement in Nepal is also quite popular, and offered by most reputable volunteer organizations. Volunteers may work as teaching assistants in a rural village school (often becoming the teacher). Be prepared for the most basic of circumstances: there will be few teaching materials, classes are often hot and cold, and many children spend the day hungry and lacking focus. The small victories can be incredibly rewarding, however, and anyone who thinks they want to be a teacher should give volunteer teaching in Nepal a go.

Nepal is a must destination for long-term volunteering abroad, or a great short-term stop on your gap year for a smaller volunteer gig. Once you volunteer in Nepal, your perspective on almost any experience or choice in life will change dramatically.

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