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Make a REAL difference with Love Volunteers – From US$175!

Love Volunteers has provided thousands of volunteers with the chance to travel abroad and volunteer in The Middle East where help is really needed. Love Volunteers provides safe, responsible, affordable volunteer programs for volunteers who want a truly memorable experience abroad. Check out our exciting program options!

GoEco - Volunteer Abroad in Middle East

Attend an exciting reggae festival, help protect endangered animals, or explore the Middle East's breathtaking coral reefs through GoEco's volunteer programs. Volunteer placements are offered in Israel. Program fees include a dormitory room in Arava Hostel, trainings, and local support.

Volunteering Solutions

Learn more about the way of life in the Middle East while partaking in community service projects with Volunteering Solutions. Participants have the chance to choose from a number of placements including Dentistry, Journalism, and Wildlife Surveying. The work helps them immerse in Israeli culture and language. Programs typically last for two weeks to a month.

Volunteer Abroad in the Middle East with GeoVisions

Live in a solar-powered ecolodge in the desert in Jordan, deprived of electricity and phones, and spend 15 hours a weektutoring English to local workers with GeoVisions. The ecolodge, home to participants during the program, is about three and a half hours travel from Amman, an hour away from the ruins of Petra and the hypersaline lake known as the Dead Sea.

ISA Service-Learning in Amman, Jordan

Take part in the service-learning program offered by ISA. They provide programs in a variety of fields year-round. Participants get the chance to develop valuable personal and professional experience. They will be developing real-world cultural awareness and language skills. They will be required to develop a Portfolio throughout the program. The program is based in Amman, one of the most d...

Volunteers For Peace

VFP offers over 3000 affordable, short-term voluntary service projects in 100+ countries, including several projects in Palestine (West Bank) in Bethlehem, Nablus and Jerusalem. These international voluntary service projects are an opportunity to participate in meaningful community service while living and interacting in an intercultural environment. Work projects include: construction/renovati...

Volunteer and Learn Arabic in Palestine 2015

Are you interested in coming to Palestine? Would you like to live with a Palestinian host family? Would you like to volunteer with school and university students as well as community members? Do you want to learn about the Palestinian culture, situation and the Arabic language? If the answer is 'yes' to one of the above questions then Excellence Center, would like to invite you to volunteer in ...

Dragons Middle East Semester Abroad: A Gap Year Program

The Fertile Crescent: A historically rich tapestry of vibrant cultures and dramatic landscapes situated within the modern context of profound political, cultural and spiritual change. Journeying through Jordan, Egypt and Israel, students live with rural and urban home-stay families, meet with spiritual leaders, NGOs and academics, and engage in intensive language study. Exploring the confluenc...

Galilee Fellowship (4 weeks) - Northern Exposure (1 week)

Join Livnot's four-week Galilee Fellowship or one-week Northern Exposure for hiking (2-3 hikes EVERY week!), meaningful volunteering, learning through nature and spirituality workshops. Get off the bus and experience the Galilee with all of your senses. Dig into excavations from the 16th century, lunch with local families on Shabbat, connect to a unique community. Take a break from the daily...

Israel Service Fellows

Ma'ase Olam's Israel Service Fellows is a 10-month service-learning program for a select group of college graduates. Fellows work on informal education, community development, and youth empowerment projects in and around Akko, Israel. The fellowship includes the challenge of facilitating programming in informal education settings for a diverse group of Jewish, Arab, and Druze at-risk youth, whi...