Volunteer Abroad in Middle East

54 Volunteer Abroad Programs in Middle East

Love Volunteers

Love Volunteers is a non-profit organization that offers international volunteers meaningful service programs in the Middle East. Journey to Palestine and work in community development on many levels. Volunteers can engage in interactive activities such as language training and excursions.

GoEco - Volunteer Abroad in Middle East

Attend an exciting reggae festival, help protect endangered animals, or explore the Middle East's breathtaking coral reefs through GoEco's volunteer programs. Volunteer placements are offered in Israel. Program fees include a dormitory room in Arava Hostel, trainings, and local support.

Volunteering Solutions

Learn more about the way of life in the Middle East while partaking in community service projects with Volunteering Solutions. Participants have the chance to choose from a number of placements including Dentistry, Journalism, and Wildlife Surveying. The work helps them immerse in Israeli culture and language. Programs typically last for two weeks to a month.


Live in a solar-powered ecolodge in the desert in Jordan, deprived of electricity and phones, and spend 15 hours a weektutoring English to local workers with GeoVisions. The ecolodge, home to participants during the program, is about three and a half hours travel from Amman, an hour away from the ruins of Petra and the hypersaline lake known as the Dead Sea.

Volunteers For Peace - Discover the world by volunteering!

Volunteers For Peace is a Vermont non-profit with over 30 years of experience coordinating meaningful international voluntary service opportunities. We offer projects in more than 90 countries for volunteers ages 15 – 99! Find a project and use the coupon “gab14” for a $25 discount on your registration fee today!

Reinventing Roots: Sustainable Indigenous Empowerment

This is a 4-Week Intensive program which lets individuals work hand in hand with the indigenous Bedouin community of Qasr A-Sir. The main purpose is to incorporate the a ancient traditional practices with modern cutting-edge permaculture design. Through this program, participants practice natural building and organic agriculture, while taking up Middle Eastern studies, learning Arabic language ...

Dragons Semester & Study Abroad Programs

Dragons combines rugged travel, volunteering, language study, trekking, homestays, internships and the study of culture and philosophy to provide participants with an AUTHENTIC experience of the developing world through summer and semester programs. Embrace your courage and adventure in global citizenship with Where There Be Dragons. Where do you want to go?

Volunteer and Learn Arabic in Palestine 2014-2015

Excellence Center for Education and Training Services, would like to invite you to volunteer in Hebron-Palestine. As a volunteer in Palestine, you will have the opportunity to experience Palestinian daily life and familiarize yourself with the areas rich history. The program will provide volunteers with an entertaining, enriching, and dynamic stay. Furthermore, volunteers will have the opportun...

Galilee Fellowship (4 weeks) - Northern Exposure (1 week)

Join Livnot's four-week Galilee Fellowship or one-week Northern Exposure for hiking (2-3 hikes EVERY week!), meaningful volunteering, learning through nature and spirituality workshops. Get off the bus and experience the Galilee with all of your senses. Dig into excavations from the 16th century, lunch with local families on Shabbat, connect to a unique community. Take a break from the daily...