Building Maintenance Volunteer Abroad in Israel

4 Building Maintenance Volunteer Abroad Programs in Israel

GoEco - Volunteer Abroad

Volunteer at the breathtaking Nimrod Eco Lodge on the scenic slopes of Mt. Hermon. Help construct and maintain sustainable buildings, explore experimental bio-farming, take in the awe-inspiring scenery and visit the ancient ruins of Nimrod Fortress.

Galilee Fellowship (4 weeks) - Northern Exposure (1 week)

Join Livnot's four-week Galilee Fellowship or one-week Northern Exposure for hiking (2-3 hikes EVERY week!), meaningful volunteering, learning through nature and spirituality workshops. Get off the bus and experience the Galilee with all of your senses. Dig into excavations from the 16th century, lunch with local families on Shabbat, connect to a unique community. Take a break from the daily...

Kibbutz in Israel

A beautiful Kibbutz in Israel, located east of Haifa. Founded in 1936, this kibbutz now has 1000 people of many nationalities. Volunteers between 18 and 29 can stay 2 to 5 months, working in exchange for room and board - they usually have between 20 and 28 volunteers at any time from all over the world. Work can be in the kitchen, orchards, fish ponds, fish hatcheries, water lily ponds, dairy,...