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322 Volunteer Abroad Programs in India

Affordable Volunteering in India: Fees from USD250!

Discover a unique insight into India with volunteering projects from International Volunteer HQ. India is as diverse as it is large, and IVHQ volunteers are able to choose from a wide array of projects such as Slum Teaching, Childcare and Healthcare in Delhi, to educating monks in Dharamsala.

Volunteer in India
Make a REAL difference in India with Love Volunteers!

Love Volunteers has provided safe, meaningful and truly affordable volunteering abroad opportunities to thousands of volunteers from all over the world. Become a Love Volunteer in India and get the experience of a lifetime whilst helping those in real need on one of our community-based projects! Check out our programs and sign up now!

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Volunteer in India with Cross-Cultural Solutions!

Enjoy international volunteer travel in the cities of Dharamsala and New Delhi located in India,through programs offered by Cross-Cultural Solutions. Volunteers can partake in a 12-week long placement in a number of areas including, Academic Reinforcement, Arts, and Youth Development.

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ELI Abroad – A Volunteering Adventure in South India

Few places are as exotic as India. Volunteer in the southern state of Tamil Nadu and you’ll gain unique insight into this ancient, colorful culture. We have placements in conservation, orphanages, hospitals, a center for trafficked women and children or at an art colony, among others. Vegetarian? This is the place for you!

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Volunteer in India with Projects Abroad

Work in the community of Madurai, through programs with Projects Abroad in India. This international volunteer program is open to worldwide participants who are motivated, enthusiastic, and passionate about helping other people. A large number of service options are available, including Youth Development, Athletics, and Environmental Conservation.


Based in Washington D.C., UBELONG is a leader in short-term international volunteer programs. In India, UBELONG programs range from caring for disabled children to providing public health education and supporting local NGOs. Volunteers are welcomed to join UBELONG in India for two to eight weeks, depending on their program of choice.

Meaningful programs with Volunteering India

Twelve different programs await international volunteers interested in volunteering in India. Volunteering India focuses on placements which help better local communities and provide participants with a well-rounded, meaningful experience. Placements include dental assistance, work with street children, and various other volunteer placements in multiple Indian cities.

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Global Vision International

Volunteer with Global Vision International (GVI) in India. These programs offer participants the chance to immerse in the local culture, contribute to underprivileged communities, while living and working in India. Placements range from community education to sports coaching and heath care.

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Volunteer in India with Frontier

Make a positive contribution to the lives of locals in India through Frontier volunteer programs. Volunteers can choose to teach English to children or care for orphans, while exploring the country and culture. Placements are offered in many cities, including Agra, Goa, and Himachal Pradesh.

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Explore India and Bring Smile Around

SMILE is an international volunteer cum youth exchange Organization welcoming groups and individuals to explore India while volunteering for causes. Organization have short and long term projects for various energetic and motivated youth / senior in India. India is calling you!

Volunteer and Travel in India with Kaya

Volunteer in India with Kaya Responsible Travel. Programs are available to individuals and groups who want to work with children, teach social awareness to women, or help in building community projects. Locations include Jaipur, Rajasthan, and Goa, among others. Participants may also learn how to speak Hindi and cook authentic Indian food, while immersing themsevles in the local culture. Progra...

Summer and Year-Round Volunteering in India

Join one of 18 community service projects in India with Volunteering Solutions. Individuals may choose from ten locations, and become part of the local culture, people, and customs. Volunteers can assist in care of children at an orphanage in Bangalore, aid in women empowerment projects in Delhi, or aid in providing dental care in Dharamsala.

Service-Learning Programs with ISA in India

Based in the city of Mumbai or the rural community of Malavli, these programs offer comprehensive placements that are meant to inspire personal and professional growth and encourage purposeful community engagement. Placement types are available in Education, Health Professions, Social Work & Psychology, Communications & Journalism and Business Management & Marketing.

Crawl Society

Plan your "Gap Year" in a international volunteer organization - CRAWL. At CRAWL you will be at home. It is affordable, short-term volunteer programs designed for you. CRAWL is a social venture, it's not corporate. You will become a part of our family. We work together to ensure that we can do something for who are less privileged. We do realize that each of us can do something to make a positi...

GoEco - Volunteer Abroad in India

GoEco hosts various volunteering projects in India. Volunteers can work in shelters, orphanages, or schools for local children. Students can also gain hands-on experience through the nursing, pre-medical, and medical internship placements.

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Volunteering Abroad in India

Imagine riding an elephant through the jungle or visiting one of the holiest rivers in the world.  Refreshingly vibrant, stimulating, and positively overwhelming.  An volunteer's playground, India is a land of incredible diversity filled with endless volunteer opportunities.


Geography & Demographics

Often referred to as the subcontinent, the Republic of India is situated in southern Asia. Bordered by Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, Myanmar, and Nepal in the north, the nation is surrounded by the Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea, and Bay of Bengal in the south. One of the most populated countries in the world, at over one billion people, the demographics of India are unbelievably diverse. With a multitude of religions, languages and tribes represented, India is vast in nearly every sense of the word.

Ask any Indian from the south and they will tell you there are three seasons: hot, hotter, and hottest. The overall climate ranges from tropical monsoon season in the south to more temperate climate in the north. With impeccable biodiversity, a wide range of climates can be found throughout the country.

Food & Culture

India is predominantly a Hindu nation. Hinduism is the most widely practiced religion, although other commonly practiced religions include Islam, Buddhism, Sikhism, and Christianity. Holidays are celebrated year round and are a staple to any traveler’s experience. Indian Independence Day, Ramadaan, Holi, and Diwali are some of the top celebrations throughout the country.

Each state in India has three official languages. Two being English and Hindi, with the third official language being state-specific. The literacy rate in some areas is incredibly high, but incredibly low in others; greatly dependent on class and location.

There is a growing middle class but still a major socioeconomic divide. Caste discrimination has been banned but many do not oblige. The caste system, fixed from birth, is the hierarchy embedded in traditional Hindu culture. Castes are related to occupation and often forbid   individuals from interacting outside of their caste.

The subcontinent is the vegetarian traveler’s paradise. Indian cuisine is as diverse as its citizens. Known for its pungent spices, foreigners can find themselves hand deep in exotic curries and dishes. Leave spoons and forks at home, Indians eat with their right hand. The left hand is considered unsanitary, being used to clean oneself after toileting only. Mouthwatering dishes that please meat-eating foreigners are also widely served as well. Costals cities serve more fish and seafood dishes, while inland cities tend to abide by more strict vegetarian standards.

The local currency in India is the Indian Rupee. Money transfers and ATMs are some of the best ways to access funds nationwide for international volunteers. These means can be found in nearly every city but make sure to have rupees if venturing into the villages, where access to foreign currencies or ATMs is nonexistent.

Things to Do

Traveling throughout the country is convenient and affordable, because there are unlimited means of transportation throughout the country. With an intricate railway network, traveling by train is not only common but convenient and inexpensive.

Volunteering in India

A vast array of volunteer placements are offered to satisfy any individual’s desires. Placements range from health sciences to community development, sustainable farming to working with ESL students. Multiple programs are individually tailored to maximize the volunteer’s experience. Volunteers can choose between rural or urban placements, where accommodations include homestays, designated volunteer apartments and guest houses. Independent housing is also available but may take away from the culture experience. Visa requirements are specific to the traveler’s respective country of origin. Responsibility is typically placed in the hands of the volunteer.

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