Volunteer Abroad in Hawaii (USA)

14 Volunteer Abroad Programs in Hawaii (USA)

Teen Travel Programs with 360 Student Travel

Hawaii is full of opportunities, not only for tourists but more importantly for volunteers. With 260 Student Travel Students can find self-fulfillment by helping to build homes for underprivileged families, preserving the environment, and educating local children. The program is located in Maui, normally two to four weeks in duration.


Kalani is Hawaii's largest retreat center, one of the best-loved centers in the world for more than 35 years. Visitors from around the world come for our personal and group yoga retreats and our colorful mix of performing arts, nature, adventure, and diverse programming.

Institute for Cultural Ecology

Join the Institute for Global Studies on a journey through Hawaii, making a difference along the way. Worldwide participants can take part in environmental volunteer projects in Honolulu and Hilo. A wide array of placement options are available including Teaching, Marine Conservation, and Environmental Restoration.

Project Hawai'i with Cultural Institute of America

A teen mentoring free summer camp for homeless children. Our mission is to empower teens to make a difference in their tomorrow while making changes in present through interactive solutions. Providing the teens leadership skills to enhance the lives of homeless children and helping to end the cycle of poverty in America.

Polestar Gardens

Polestar has 4 programs in 2 different locations. Programs are offered in United States and Hawaii (USA)