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8 Volunteer Abroad Programs in Florianopolis


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Officially known as the Federative Republic of Brazil (República Federativa do Brasil) is the largest sovereign state in Latin America. A federal republic, Brazil is the world's fifth-largest country, by both geographical area and total population and it is the largest Portuguese-speaking country in the world, and the only one in the Americas. Brazil's Amazon River basin includes a vast tropica...


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Intern Brazil is a career-development company that facilitates exchange programs in Brazil through internship and volunteering opportunities. The company provides participants with a life-changing personal and professional experience. Intern Brazil creates tailor-made programs by finding the right internship, housing, and visa aid, and providing a real immersion in the Brazilian culture. Int...


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TalkTalkBnb offers the opportunity to stay for free with locals around the world in exchange for teaching your native language to your host. We are looking for travelers for whom traditional tourism is no longer satisfying. A “TalkTalker” has a real desire is to experience life from a different cultural perspective. Destinations are not chosen just to be crossed off a list, but because of th...


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The Nikitas Language Abroad Schools Teach English in Brazil program was designed with the aim of placing foreign university students in Brazilian families who wish to improve their language skills. Host families provide room and board to students in exchange for conversational English lessons. Having the opportunity to tutor the members of a family is in itself a learning experience. Sessions p...


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In this program, participants will learn Portuguese at ILC Brazil and participate in social projects in Itajaí and Balneário Camboriú. This is a great opportunity for participants to learn hands-on skills, improve their Portuguese language skills, and do something great for the community. ILC Brazil will arrange every detail before the participants' arrival and give them all the support needed ...


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Rosemary Wellness Center will purchase a vast piece of land located between mountains, jungle, lake, ocean and a river in a fishermen village on the island of Santa Catarina, Brazil (the safest place in Brazil). Their plan is to build an ecological wellness centre that will focus on inspiring individuals who are interested in an alternative way of life. We would like to integrate our project...