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Kingston University is the authority and the leading online resource for international education and experiential travel resource.

The GoAbroad Staff has verified that this organization conforms to a Basic Standard of Business Practices by completing the following:

  • Business Registration Submitted
  • Responded Positively to Test Email Inquiries
  • One Verifiable Positive Participant Review

Qualifications that Kingston University has not been verified yet:

  • Phone Call (not yet verified)
  • Membership in a Professional Organization (not yet verified)
  • Two Staff Interviews (not yet verified)
  • Contributed One Feature Travel Article on (not yet verified) does not validate nor endorse any program or organization listed on our directory and related directories. Verification of any level is not a guarantee that you will find the program satisfactory.'s verification bears no responsibility for the outcome of any program or position. We do NOT verify the admission or hiring practice of any program provider or employer within the directories.

Students and participants should research their prospective programs thoroughly before participating. If you are interested in any program offered by Kingston University, we recommend you contact the company directly and be objective about how they respond. Look over the Alumni reviews listed at the bottom of each program listing. Ask for testimonials or contact information from previous participants, cross reference other programs and perform google searches to learn more about the company.

Even for the providers we know personally and recognize that they offer programs of high quality, any verification level is not a guarantee that you will find the program satisfactory, however we can tell you that this organization performs using the best practices in our industry of international experiential travel.

We also have a check + verification. The requirements are below to achieve this higher level of verification:

  • Phone Call
  • Membership in a Professional Organization
  • Two Staff Interviews
  • Contributed One Feature Travel Article on

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